The movie Bustin' Down the Door is named after the controversial article written by Rabbit Bartholomew for Surfer Mag in 1977 - and is a compelling piece of modern history depicting the radical style Australian and South African surfers introduced to Hawaii in the 70's, turning surfing into a professional sport

Port St Johns's Indigenous forest is threatened by quick growing invasive alien plant species (inkberry, american bramble,guava,casteroil plant,indian laurel,lantana and many other). To try and eradicate these looks like a mammoth task. The Working for Water Project seems not to be working at all in the Port St Johns area. I have started to try and eradicate and kill all non indigenous plants on and around my property (between Ferry Point and Agate-Terrace).

Everything I know today I learned from Chappies. ;)

Actually these were from Reddit. Also check out "Today I learned" on Reddit.

Last month something went horribly wrong with my data bundle purchase, and after pumping R389 of airtime in, I did the usual and dialed *111# and went through the motions of converting that to a 2Gb data bundle. However something went wrong, and I didn't notice that the transaction didn't complete. So I merrily went ahead and put the SIM into the data card and used up all R389 odd in 3 days... at R2.00 per meg! Extortion!

Worst part is that was when a Drupal upgrade went haywire and I was busy uploading and downloading a 40Mb database and 120Mb data backup.

The Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism have issued an Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the establishment of a 132kV substation at Zwelethu (near Bizana) and 2 x 132kV lines to feed the South Coast, Bizana & Xolobeni region. 


Anyone wishing to appeal any aspect of this decision must lodge a notice of intention to appeal with the Minister of DEAT by the 28th August 2009. Further details are contained in the EA.

Beauty passed away last night.

Beauty passed away last night.

A beautiful soul, "Beauty" was my housemaid for many  years, and a beloved friend. She's only about 2 years older than me. I collected her on her way back from seeing an igqirha on Friday night and she was complaining about a terrible headache. I didn't think it was that serious... 

22nd August – 12 September 2009

Lee Jay (11/09/86)
A beautiful 22 year old who was in a shocking car accident in May 2007, when a speeding taxi jumped a red light which destroyed her vehicle and left her with a broken neck, and is now a quadriplegic.

To all our visitors:

During a routine upgrade, a beta module caused a whole load of links and photos to go missing. Restoring the backup, which is about 160Mb, proved to be impossible over a GPRS/Edge connection, and we will be restoring the links manually in due course.

This equation should be taught in all math classes!

From a strictly mathematical viewpoint it goes like this: 

What Makes 100%?

What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?

Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%?

We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%.

How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life? 

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions. If:

Went looking on the IEC website ( for the results of the previous ward elections; only to discover they've gone MIA. They were still there during the elections in April, and I've been meaning to check the actual election results for Ward 23; since from my random sampling from the voting stations in April, it seems to me that this is still very much UDM Country.

Here's a smatttering:



The Lorax was written and illustrated by Theodore (Dr. Seuss) Giesel in 1971 as a colorful childrens book, with a biting satirical message - for adults and children alike - about man's tendency to invade and destroy his natural environment. It is a pointed commentary on the expansion of the logging industry in the early 70s that is even more relevant today than it was 38 years ago when he created it.

I've been bitching for years about the security man/company that the cottage owners employ at Hole in the Wall: Goodman t/a Sophitsho Security. This guy treats his staff so badly they rarely last longer than a single month. They're not (or very rarely) qualified, and constitute more of a threat to the cottage owners than the local residents because they know the guarding schedules, and they have the opportunity to scope for weaknesses and entry points in people's cottages.

Right Click and download the file. theo.wav

I'll get around to commenting on this further as soon as I find out who witnessed the affidavit.

Simon Max Bannister has compiled a brilliant photo essay of his hike around Mzamba and Xolobeni.

Do yourself a favor and follow this link: and see for yourself the unspoilt beauty of the threatened area.

I need one of these:

Google Sky Map lets users view a labeled map of the sky on smart phones powered by Google's Android operating system.

Using GPS technology, a date clock and a compass, it helps users identify and locate all the stellar spectacles in the sky.

I've tried my utmost to avoid jeapordizing our tourism potential (e.g. talk about shark attacks or occasional petty crime issues), but rather just posted the concerns we experience as permanent residents in the area. Hence my reticence in posting anything (controversial) at all.

I commented recently about the cabinet ministry changes, and made a similar comment about Buyelwa Sonjica (who is now Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs) and her obvious pro-industrialization inclinations, so I think it's fairly appropriate to post  Tonie Carnie's article published in The Mercury on 13 May 2009.

Statement by President Jacob Zuma on the appointment of the new Cabinet 10 May 2009 of the media,   Good afternoon and thank you for joining us.   We have since the launch of the ANC Manifesto indicated the type of new administration we envisaged in terms of size, shape and political focus.  We wanted a structure that would enable us to achieve visible and tangible socio-economic development within the next five years. It should be a structure which would enable us to effectively implement our policies.  The structure of Cabinet and national departments has therefore been re-organised to achieve better alignment between the structure, our electoral mandate as per our election Manifesto, and the developmental challenges that need to receive immediate attention from government.

Wild Ocean is in an uplifting, giant screen cinema experience capturing one of nature's greatest migration spectacles. Plunge into an underwater feeding frenzy, amidst the dolphins, sharks, whales, gannets, seals and billions of fish. Filmed off the Wild Coast of South Africa, Wild Ocean is a timely documentary that celebrates the animals that now depend on us to survive and the efforts by the local people to protect this invaluable ecological resource. Hope is alive on the Wild Coast, where Africa meets the sea.

Having recently visited Port St Johns after an absence of almost 5-years (post living and working there), I was once again taken by the stunning landscapes in general and the beauty in particular of the Silaka Nature Reserve. This has prompted me to add it to the trivago travel community of which I am a member. Should anybody wish to expand it by uploading their pictures and reviews of Silaka it would be much appreciated.

August 2008 a vaccine against Biliary of dogs was introduced in South Africa.

More info here:

The vaccine is not to be used in animals younger than six months or in pregnant bitches. Sick animals or dogs with lots of ticks should also not be vaccinated. At least two weeks must be allowed for between this vaccine and other vaccines such as the Distemper/Parvo combinations.

The first vaccination is followed a month later by a booster and then twice yearly booster vaccinations are recommended at present.

"Fish" has had biliary 3 times in the past year and a half, so this vaccination is definitely recommended to anyone coming to the Wild Coast with their pet. Especially in summer when there are so many ticks around.

## Free Software Foundation Files Suit Against Cisco For GPL Violations
The case is number 08-CV-10764 and will be heard by Judge Paul
G. Gardephe. A copy of the complaint is available at

### About the FSF

The Free Software Foundation, founded in 1985, is dedicated to
promoting computer users' right to use, study, copy, modify, and
redistribute computer programs. The FSF promotes the development and
use of free (as in freedom) software -- particularly the GNU operating
system and its GNU/Linux variants -- and free documentation for free
software. The FSF also helps to spread awareness of the ethical and
political issues of freedom in the use of software, and its Web sites,
located at and, are an important source of information
about GNU/Linux. Donations to support the FSF's work can be made at
. Its headquarters are in Boston, MA, USA.

Some of you might be aware of reports about possible illegal fishing vessel activity along the Wild Coast over the last few years. As the authorities seem to happily take the stance that 'if we don't see it then it ain't happening' Val Payn from SWC ( thought it might be useful if members of the public could help to become 'eyes and ears' to try and gauge the extent of the problem.

A rare positioning of planets Venus, top left, and Jupiter, top right, and the crescent moon of the Earth provides a "smiley" effect as seen from Manila, Philippines, Monday night, Dec. 1, 2008. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)


And one from East London, South Africa, by Shane Parkins:

And another from CT, sent by Jostarr and taken by Gary Cousins:

MINING COMPANIES OPERATING in South Africa face a barrage of changes to their legislative environment.

From the Mining Charter to royalties, to health and safety and including environmental laws and a deeply controversial Expropriation Bill, companies are going to have to be on their toes in an environment already regarded with a great deal of suspicion by investors overseas.

The perception of SA and its mineral policies leaves it at the bottom end of a list of 68 mining countries surveyed by the Canadian-based Fraser Institute despite soothing assurances by officials from our Department of Minerals & Energy (DME) claiming its new legislation enacted in 2004 has liberalised the industry and introduced new players.

The institute says its survey acts as a “report card to governments on how attractive their policies are from the point of view of an exploration manager”.

Ferry Point in Port St Johns is pleased to announce the availability of daily horse riding on Long Beach, between Ferry Point and Poenskop.

Their horses are sound and well schooled; so whether you are an experienced rider or absolute beginner, you will enjoy the spectacular beaches, fabulous mountain views and peaceful forests.

Please phone 0475 641 261, or 083 973 6545 to make a booking or to find out more about this fun activity.

Sibusiso Somakhephu (aka “J.J.”) is your Guide.

Come and enjoy some time on the Wild Coast and help our kids with computer literacy, eco-schools (environment) projects, sport and other extra-curricular activities.

Looking around for images to include in the schools network proposal I'm giving at the Rotary club in Umtata tomorrow, I came across a few logo designs I made for the Gauteng Linux Users Group in 2004.

The general consensus was that they were too retro. Ah well, I still kinda like 'em. : )

Here're some of them:

I thought that the iconic G could work for various things, like:

I came up with something else, quite lame, that I never showed anyone:

And a combo:

A skeleton (apparently that of a slightly built woman by my first impression - which was corroborated by M.R. who is also a slightly built woman; and she noted and compared the size of the pelvis and femur) was discovered in a shallow grave on Mens Beach at Hole in the Wall on Saturday.

The body could not have been buried very long ago, due to the fact that it was right behind the stonewall barrier that was only built a few years ago.

A bullet cartridge, apparently from an AK47 or R1 rifle, was found on the skeleton.

[img_assist|nid=528|title=The XO laptop|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=308|height=240]I received 2 XO laptops for development purposes on Friday. What an amazing marvel of technology and Open Source philosophy! Huge respect to the visionaries responsible for this wonderful educational tool (Nicholas Negroponte, Mary Lou Jepsen, Walter Bender, and many others). Actually it looks like a Fisher Price toy, but it's really a full featured Linux based computer.