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Biliary vaccine available

August 2008 a vaccine against Biliary of dogs was introduced in South Africa.

More info here:

The vaccine is not to be used in animals younger than six months or in pregnant bitches. Sick animals or dogs with lots of ticks should also not be vaccinated. At least two weeks must be allowed for between this vaccine and other vaccines such as the Distemper/Parvo combinations.

The first vaccination is followed a month later by a booster and then twice yearly booster vaccinations are recommended at present.

"Fish" has had biliary 3 times in the past year and a half, so this vaccination is definitely recommended to anyone coming to the Wild Coast with their pet. Especially in summer when there are so many ticks around.

If you catch the symptoms of biliary in time the cure is quick and fairly easy. KC Kat even had biliary this week, and I injected him with the same serum used for dogs, and by the next day he was practically back to normal.

Thanks to Noen and the SPCA support in Coffee Bay!


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