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Volunteer Africa 32˚ South

Come and enjoy some time on the Wild Coast and help our kids with computer literacy, eco-schools (environment) projects, sport and other extra-curricular activities.

The program addresses the needs of two increasingly important developmental areas of the Eastern Cape in South Africa: Education and the Environment. The focal area of VA32° south is the Transkei Wild Coast. Under the apartheid government from the1950’s – 1994, the Transkei and other Bantustan "homelands" remained deliberately underdeveloped regions from which the dominant white economic sector could draw on a consistent labor pool who were largely denied access to equal opportunities within society, and were therefore unable to challenge the monopoly at an academic and economic level. The region today remains for the most part an undeveloped, rural enclave within South Africa. Access to effective education, resources and equal opportunities are leading challenges facing the communities of the Wild Coast. YOU CAN REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


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