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Looking around for images to include in the schools network proposal I'm giving at the Rotary club in Umtata tomorrow, I came across a few logo designs I made for the Gauteng Linux Users Group in 2004.

The general consensus was that they were too retro. Ah well, I still kinda like 'em. : )

Here're some of them:

I thought that the iconic G could work for various things, like:

I came up with something else, quite lame, that I never showed anyone:

And a combo:

And the alternative I came up with was also too embarrassing to show anyone because the perspective was fscked, and by then I was bored:

They still don't have a logo though...


Let me just get this right. Did you design these logos for the Gauteng Linux Users Group or the Gay Linux Users Group?

You're welcome to use them for your group if you want to, Jonathan. Everything on this site is CC-SA. Incidentally, your riposte would have been much funnier if you'd said "let me get this straight." kthnxbai : )

HAHAHAHA! Well played! And you're right, it would have been :)

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