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Last month something went horribly wrong with my data bundle purchase, and after pumping R389 of airtime in, I did the usual and dialed *111# and went through the motions of converting that to a 2Gb data bundle. However something went wrong, and I didn't notice that the transaction didn't complete. So I merrily went ahead and put the SIM into the data card and used up all R389 odd in 3 days... at R2.00 per meg! Extortion!

Worst part is that was when a Drupal upgrade went haywire and I was busy uploading and downloading a 40Mb database and 120Mb data backup.

So being on restricted bandwidth for the rest of the month, I'm a month behind on my favorite web comic at 

This is exactly how I've felt before (slight psychotic break, nothing to worry about. Not really real, eh?):

Click on this pic and go forward:





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