Our new roof is nearly complete.....while some are enjoying the holidays, some are working..... .thank you very much to Canisius College and Stichting Obonto for this!

Hi all
I trust that 2016 is treating you well smile emoticon The new year has started with a bang! Herewith pictures of the rondawel we have been given to start Hole in the Wall Montessori. We are hoping to open on 5 April 2016, and we need a lot of help to get there!! Shopping and man/woman power! We have a big list ......and not much money.

WOW! What a wonderful week it has been - I feel totally Refreshed, Renewed and Re-inspired - so well done to SAMA Con 2016 for living up to your name!

What a good day it has been for us 

Day 2 and 3 have been good.....the ncinci one's themselves are getting settled in quite nicely smile :)


Our first week ended very well.....children already concentrating, children loving each other and the kitchen/store room progressing well.......only a few children left who need sponsors.....please consider 'walking this road together with us'


We attended a Community meeting this morning and the eblders and villagers have given the go ahead for our new pre-school, with big smiles. Off to Komkhulu "the Great Place" on Wednesday to get an official letter - Yeah - all on track - smile :)

Things have been progressing steadily at Ncinci One's Montessori and we were very lucky to get exposure for our project in the Daily Dispatch Newspaper, as well as a 10 minute radio interview on the Power FM  breakfast show.  I think our name is spreading nicely!

Outside of the rondawel is now scraped (ready for plastering), and thank you JB for trimming the rondawel's bangs (fringe) - looking good. Kitchen and toilet will be started on Monday. Official opening date of our school is set for 18 April 2016.

This is important information if you are planning on going on holiday, day trip or fishing along the Transkei Wild Coast:

You will need a permit to travel to cottages that are not on proclaimed or designated roads. (E.g. the road to the Jacaranda.) If you do not have a permit for these routes you may be charged by the Green Scorpions and given a spot fine of R2500.

Observation has been the name of the game at Ncinci One's Montessori the past week, and am very happy with what I am observing. The children are becoming fully engaged with their indoor environment and this is wonderful to observe.

Corina, our assistant, is proving to be an excellent Story Teller, of traditional Xhosa life. She has the children in stitches at story time... 

It's been a busy week for JB and the guys.......the new floor finished, the inside of the rondawel is scraped and ready for plastering, the top of the wall has been filled in and the grass has been cut and is looking good. Thank you guys! Plastering starts tomorrow. Almost time to open!


Day 1 at Ncinci One's Montessori - excellent! Morning ring outdoors, then down to the beach for running and tree climbing smile :) Sorted out the indoor environment, for now. I am so looking forward to seeing those eager little peeps tomorrow morning - am loving being back at school!

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27 October 2005


Wild Coast

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The Wild Coast and Amathole Mountains are two of South Africa’s least westernised and most beautiful areas, where the Xhosa people live a traditional lifestyle amid the green rolling hills once inhabited by the young Nelson Mandela. In these neighbouring parts of the Eastern Cape province, community-run backpacker lodges in stunning locations offer eco-friendly rondavel accommodation and opportunities to experience Xhosa culture.


Five villagers returning from a mass meeting opposing mining on the Pondoland Wild Coast were attacked by about 10 men armed with knobkerries and pangas.

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