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Warning: Permits required for Wild Coast

This is important information if you are planning on going on holiday, day trip or fishing along the Transkei Wild Coast:

You will need a permit to travel to cottages that are not on proclaimed or designated roads. (E.g. the road to the Jacaranda.) If you do not have a permit for these routes you may be charged by the Green Scorpions and given a spot fine of R2500.

If you are a cottage owner and your cottage is not on a proclaimed road you will need to present your PTO (Permission To Occupy) at the Environmental office and acquire a permit to travel on the track to your cottage.

No permits will be awarded to anyone without a valid PTO.

Cottage owner permits are valid for one year.

If you are traveling to a cottage that is not on a proclaimed road you will need a letter from the PTO holder which you can present at the offices to acquire a temporary permit.

There is no charge for the permit.

The permit is valid for one month.

This applies to anywhere within 1km from the high-water mark along the Wild Coast from Kei Mouth up to Port Edward.

You may not drive a motor vehicle in this exclusion zone without a permit. This includes quad and motor bikes, etc.

If a proclaimed road goes all the way down to the sea you can then walk left or right to your angling spots from that point.

If the road stops 1km before the sea and a bush path carries on towards the sea, you will have to walk from where the proclaimed road ends. You may not ride these trails.

Contact details to aquire a permit are: 
Off road driving Permits from DEDEAT:
Permit for the use of motor vehicle to drive within the Coastal Conservation Area (CCA) to access fishing spots.
Permit allows off road driving at Mthatha Mouth, Maphuzi, Coffee Bay and Mbolompo.

Responsible Officer: Nosinodi Ntola
Tel: 047-5311191/ 078-2067502
nosinodi [dot] ntolaatdedea [dot] gov [dot] za


Responsible Officer: Neliswa Piliso
Tel: 047-5311191/ 083-3064219
neliswa [dot] pilisoatdeaet [dot] ecape [dot] gov [dot] za

Regional Manager: S. Gabula
Tel: 082-4614128
sizakele [dot] gabulaatdeaet [dot] ecape [dot] gov [dot] za

Or, alternatively, try Edwina Oates:

edwina [dot] oatesatdeaet [dot] ecape [dot] gov [dot] za
Tel: 043-7404068
Fax: 086-5193200


i sent an email in regards to permits

Hello ,please can you assist with vehicle permits from the 8th July to 13th July for 2 vehicles thank you

Please see Responsible Officer: Neliswa Piliso Tel: 047-5311191/ 083-3064219 Regional Manager: S. Gabula Tel: 082-4614128

How do i know if a road is a "proclaimed or designated" road?

Hi Sir/ Madam Can you please grant me permit for vehicle JGX 548EC

Don't you guys have something better to do with your time? And with the taxpayer's money? The local business needs tourists, and you are trying your best to prevent it.

This is beyond ridiculous!!!!! From All of the possible numbers that has been provided and email addresses like, (which is on the application form) and (The person that actually does the application) No person can assist with the application for a permit. They do not answer calls but If you get hold of someone on the other end of the line they put you through to the 'Correct' person and then just cuts the line Neither do they confirm the receipt of your email or application. They just do not respond to emails. I have never encountered such a poor service (not that there was any) in my entire life.

I second this comment of beyond ridiculous. I tried applying for a permit for October 2019. I emailed every address possible, tried phone calls with no success. Eventually took my chances and went on holiday without a permit.

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