Hole in the Wall - Montessori Project


I know of a project looking for training in ECD

Hi Penny Ncinci One's Montessori is definitely still operating.  Please email us for further info. Thank you, Dawn  

Dear Program Manager, I am moved and inspired by your promotion movie I have just seen on FaceBook, all the way from New Zealand! Well done!! I applaud your courage and wonderful work!!! About me, I am the owner of a new adventure Brand called Good Inda Hood. We will sell products and services to adventure-nature athletes. My company is new, brand new and starting this month. It's a social enterprise, where I will put a high percentage of sales from products and services to goodwill projects, such as your school. I would like to open up a point of contact, to see if you would be interested in becoming a donor partner with my company? I hope to be selling into South Africa in the coming two years and feel customers would be very reciprocal donating funds, to support the great work you are doing. Please let me know your thoughts in the first instance. Kind regards Pal Ricard

Hi Richard Thank you very much for your kind, inspiring words. I have sent you a direct message on Facebook. We look forward to Good inda Hood walking this road with us! Have a great day. Thank you! Dawn and the Ncinci One's

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