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Least Developed Countries (LDCs) must innovate or will perish  
By: HANA Reporter 

Article summary:
LDCs will be increasingly marginalized if they do not enhance the knowledge content of their economies through learning and innovation

The least developed countries (LDCs) are a group of countries (presently 50 States) that have been officially identified by the United Nations as "least developed" in the light of their low income, weak human assets, and high economic vulnerability.

UNEMBARGOED: ANC ties itself up in knots over rural land

Wild Coast cottages destroyed

Source: Independent Online

July 14 2015 at 07:49am 
By Tony Carnie

To: Investors of MRC

Investors of MRC: Stop forced mining on South Africa's Wild Coast

This petition is really important and could use your help.




In order to ensure that you are identified as an interested and/or affected party (I&AP) please submit your name, contact information, interest in the matter and comments to the EAP before 17:00 on 18 April 2015.

March 19 2015 at 09:42am 
By Tony Carnie and Anél Lewis


Van Riebeeck and load shedding:

Yeah, I'm sure it's just my conspiracy theory paranoia - but there are well established precedents of the ANC destabilising areas intentionally without regard to the cost. So it might surprise me if JZ's comment wasn't a backhand reference to their beloved Western Cape. 

Here's what's interesting:

Extrapolating from this 2009 grid diagram:



/Just behind the dozer. :p

Australia based MRC controls Tormin:  Disregards Environmental Protection Regulations

It's kind of weird that when I post the most arbitrary personal shit: like a sprain injury - I get hundreds of hits a day. (780 in 2 days, and counting.)

When I post something I'm actually interested in, and try to draw a subtle correlation; like the noctilucent clouds that accompanied SpaceX 9 Falcon's launch (at the same time, more or less, as the X-Class solar flare and earth projected CME occurred) .... in just on 2 months that got 105 hits. (Weird, because the reported cause and correlation just make no sense.)

The pain... is like a canker eating my leg from the foot up.

It'll pass. I know it will in a month or 3. Or 4.

6 weeks now.

And Christ Almighty it's completely debilitating.

Some people can handle pain. I think I even have a high threshold. But continual, continuous, pain... even say, half a migraine's worth...

And MONTHS of virtual stagnation.

Is eating my soul.

TOMORROW I start with upper body exercises. Situps, crunches, curls, .... whatever.

This is not going to break the foundation I laid with such effort.

(4 sleeper en-suite bungalow with fridge & kettle)

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Feb 23, 2013  | Machine Design

Pepe Escobar
Pepe Escobar 
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Here's a new Cold War fable for an emerging multipolar world.
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Leaders fight for wind farms

August 3 2014 at 12:05pm 
By Ayanda Mdluli