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Cob and Adobe Building workshops

Cob is one of the oldest and most eco-friendly ways of building, and is accessible to people of all ages, abilities, means or backgrounds.

EARTHWORX is very excited to be kicking off the new year working in conjunction with Wild Coast Kitchen and country Lodge just outside of Port St John's . We will gradually be building on a model sustainable village on the farm overlooking the mighty Umzimvubu river. The idea is to involve as many people as we can in the workshops to promote permaculture and sustainablity. We are hosting our first 5day workshop for the new year starting on the 7th of January. Space is limited. Book early or contact us for schedules for further workshops throughout the year.

Earthworx workshops and the Kraal volunteer project will continue to be hosted by the Kraal Retreat in Mpande. That does not mean that Earthworx workshops will be restricted to the Kraal only. I intend to keep working on the volunteer centre at the Kraal, but also to be available for workshops and projects around South Africa for anybody with a genuine interest in Natural building and sustainability.

Over the last couple of months the Kraal Retreat,at Mpande, have been hosting my Eartworx workshops. We've had a tremendous response from the local community. It has been very successful and I hope to continue and expand my vision of uplifting the community in this area.
Being a retreat I thought it a good idea to incorporate the Mexican sweat lodge (Temazcal) at the Kraal.

Upon arrival back in South Africa I was anxious to get back into the mud. The rural Eastern Cape, where I mixed my first African mud, has since become my home. The Xhosa people have been using natural building for centuries. Adobe bricks and wattle and daub structures are still found all over the Transkei. My vision here is to learn and teach.

During the years I spent in Mexico a great love for vibrant colour and mosaic was ignited in my work. I started combining natural building with mosaic. The time I spent with the Nahuatl tribes along the Pacific coast of Mexico also turned out to be very inspirational. I gathered a wealth of knowledge and new (old) ideas from these beautiful people. What started out as mosaic art suddenly evolved into many new useful and sustainable projects.