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Adobe & Cob Workshops

Cob and Adobe Building workshops

Cob is one of the oldest and most eco-friendly ways of building, and is accessible to people of all ages, abilities, means or backgrounds.

Cob Homes have seen a renaissance as a financially viable, relaxing, and enjoyable building-method where you get your hands and feet in touch with the Earth. It's also about the sheer beauty and infinite creative potential of building with cob.

A natural thermal insulator, cob is excellent at regulating temperatures; whether storing heat or keeping the building cool relative to outside temperatures.

People experience psychological well-being from living in natural structures. The natural tones and aromas of materials such as stone, wood, straw and earth affect us on a very basic instinctive level, and are life enhancing.

Earthworx will host a 5 day natural building materials workshop.

Making a difference!

During completion of each workshop, a structure will be built within the community to promote self-sustainability and reinforce the benefits of environmentally conscious building methods.

These workshops are designed to create a deeper understanding and knowledge of Cob and Adobe building methods, with plenty of hands-on practical experience to give you the confidence to design and construct your own Earth buildings and projects.

A 5 day workshop will include:

  • Area orientation hike.
  • Visit of traditional adobe hut in the village
  • Learn how to make adobe bricks
  • Stem walls, foundations
  • Cob mixing and construction
  • Natural plaster and paints

    Completion of a EARTHWORX project in the community can vary from:

  • Building an oven
  • a sweat lodge
  • cob walls
  • benches
  • even a school!

  • Space limited! Bookings essential!

    Next workshop COMING SOON!

    Workshop and Accommodation package available at the retreat.

    For more details:

  • E-mail: webmasteratwildcoast [dot] com or
  • Phone Marinda on 073-7074977
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