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Coffee Bay

Upon arrival back in South Africa I was anxious to get back into the mud. The rural Eastern Cape, where I mixed my first African mud, has since become my home. The Xhosa people have been using natural building for centuries. Adobe bricks and wattle and daub structures are still found all over the Transkei. My vision here is to learn and teach. Sometimes all we need in life is a new idea.
One of my community workshop projects that have taken the interest of many Xhosa people in my community and surrounding communities, is the clay oven. Many people in rural Eastern Cape live without electricity, and cooking on open fires put a huge strain on firewood as a resource. The idea is to host workshops with volunteers wanting to learn as well as make a difference in the local community.At the same time interacting with the local community, making a difference, and leaving a positive footprint.
Workshops combining natural building with organic gardens and education in nutrition seem like a positive course of action to take in this area.


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