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The Wild Coast journey begins at Mzamba, just south of Port Edward and the Umthamvuna River, at the popular casino and top end luxury resort, Wild Coast Sun.


It is possible to travel the Wild Coast by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, car, or even horseback. Mostly, however, to travel from one holiday destination to another, it is necessary to detour back to the main roads, as there is no coastal road per se.


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Experienced Wild Coast hiking guides are listed on this website, and explore the entire Wild Coast, starting with the threatened area from Mzamba to Xolobeni, passing the Cretaceous Deposits and Petrified Forest at Mzamba River, Search "Hiking Guides" for more info.


SLINGSBY MAPS from which this insert is taken, have detailed and accurate maps covering the Wild Coast and all the major scenic routes in South Africa available for online order at


Joni Mitchell wrote Big Yellow Taxi in 1969, and it's more relevant today than ever. In her words:

The Wild Coast is littered with shipwrecks. One of the most interesting in modern times is the sinking of the Oceanos on 3 August 1991, in deep waters off Mbolompo Point, a renowned fishing spot just south of Hall in the Wall.


Full story: Daily Maverick

Mkambati Nature Reserve, one of five national reserves along the Wild Coast, is to be privatised and made off-limits to all but exclusive paying guests at the proposed resort.

Mkambati Waterfall

Welcome to our Autumn 2019 newsletter - we

By Mike Coleman


Some excellent footage of Hole in the Wall in winter.

Don't be put off by the opening shots of Thailand. 

We had a lovely month at Ncinci One’s Montessori and September brought us Spring, seedlings, World Peace Day and super development from the children.

August was Woman’s Month and it was a very challenging one at Ncinci One’s Montessori.  Talk about testing the strength of a woman………..but it definitely does make you stronger and wiser…and needing another box of hair colour! 

Overseeing the building works at Ncinci One’s Montessori and dealing with the challenges has not been an easy task.  But I am very glad to say that the thatching of the new classroom is well underway (by the 3rd thatcher), a lovely old-school thatching tata….with a nice thick roof in the making. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Garden Road Montessori owner, Delicia Moraleda and her family brought sunshine, happiness and educational materials to the children of Ncinci One’s Montessori today.  It really was true Mandela Day Celebrations, which will be remembered by all in time to come.   It took Delicia way more than 67 minutes or even 67 hours to: 

Brand new Montessori materials donated by Garden Road Montessori

The beauty of South Africa's Wild Coast‚ its eco-systems‚ culture and communities will be highlighted in a locally-produced documentary in the hope of declaring it a World Heritage site.

The adventures of three paddlers‚ three cyclists and three runners who will each traverse the entire Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape‚ covering about 300 kilometres from the Great Kei River in the south to the Umtamvuna River in the north‚ will be followed by a film crew.

An annual green music and cultural event held at Mdumbi Point on the Wild Coast.

WOW! Time really does fly when you are having fun. Ncinci One's Montessori celebrated it's 1st birthday this week and the week was full of good happenings again!

The best birthday present we received  is that we are all so excited about the new building that is going up and the expansion of our school!  We say a huge thank you to The Kamvalethu Foundation and Susan Gallagher for making this happen.  


Rule 26 -- Navigation Lights for Fishing Vessels



(a) A vessel engaged in fishing, whether underway or at anchor, shall exhibit only the lights and shapes prescribed in this Rule.

Nav lights for fishing

The past 6 weeks have been magical at Ncinci One’s Montessori.  The children are all absorbing and developing at a rapid rate and it is really great to observe and be a part of.

Be aware of illegal fishing vessels along the Wild Coast.

Especially during the Shad Season and Sardine Run from May through August!

There is now a permanent AIS monitoring station at Hole in the Wall, capable of monitoring all legal marine traffic along the Wild Coast.

"Legal" Chinese fishing vessel with 600 tons of squid that ran away from our coastguard

Amadiba Crisis Committee 2017-03-23:

We are instructed by the meeting at Komkhulu today 23 March 2017 to say exactly the following in a short letter from the Traditional Authority of Umgungundlovu to the new CEO of SANRAL:

“Starting from now, SANRAL will cease and desist from all activities in our community. If you don’t respect this, we will tie up your staff and keep them here by us, until their father comes and fetch them.” 

We have decided to let this be an open letter:

How a Proposed Strip Mine Brought Conflict to South Africa’s Wild Coast (E360.Yale.Edu)

The murder of activist Sikhosiphi Rhadebe has not stopped communities in South Africa’s Pondoland region from opposing plans for a major titanium mine. What’s at stake are ecologically important lands – and, for the villagers, a way of life. Third in a series.

Activist Sikhosiphi Rhadebe, who was murdered last March. COURTESY OF THE LEGAL RESOURCE CENTER

2017 started well for Ncinci One's Montessori and the children were very happy to be back at school :-)

Ncinci One's Montessori

Ncinci One's Montessori

The Wild Coast Holiday Association has compiled this short video introduction as a tribute to the beauty and splendour of the Wild Coast in Winter.

It's a little known secret that the best time to visit the Wild Coast is from May through September, while it's freezing cold inland and we are enjoying sub-tropical coastal temperatures here.

Is this in the interests of the average rural person, or is there a dark and sinister plot. (Of course there is.)

Traditional leadership bill a sly attempt to bypass constitutional rights to land


Source: Business Day

Once again Ncinci One's Montessori was blessed with supporter's generosity.  I received a phone call from Stephanie Haywoood who said she had a few boxes for us from Buccleuch Montessori in Johannesburg. When Stephanie and Julian arrived at Ncinci One's Montessori in their loaded vehicle, we unpacked 11 boxes! WOW!

Donation of materials from Buccleuch Montessori


This is an excellent article by Roland Giesler, written in 2014, with facts about the fuel levy.

There have been many heated debates and commentaries on the current state of affairs surrounding toll roads in South Africa, but for the sake of clarity, I think it can be summarised as follows:

Sanral depreciation

Funding will be made available for the N2 Wild Coast project but the route will be tolled.

FUNDING for the controversial N2 Wild Coast Toll Road project, including its two mega-bridges and the seven other bridges that will need to be built, will come from the Medium Term Budget.

Toll plaza

Ncinci One's Montessori was very blessed in early October when Christine Wilkinson from Cape Town came to paint our school.  She has made our school look like a real pre-school and we are very thankful for Christine's efforts!  The children absolutely love the pictures and have learnt the names of all the animals already. Thank you very much Christine.


Set on rolling green hills above the beautiful and pristine Mdumbi Beach (which is one of the best surf spots along the Wild Coast, and indeed, the coast of South Africa), Mdumbi Backpackers is a laid back, rustic and relaxing getaway for all travelers and eco-friendly tourists. 

From R150
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Umngazi River Bungalows is an award winning family resort and spa, with thatch-roofed bungalows situated amongst the indigenous gardens which provide the perfect setting for a totally relaxing holid

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