Accommodation along the Wild Coast is listed from North to South on all the menus.


The Wild Coast journey begins at Mzamba, just south of Port Edward and the Umthamvuna River, at the popular casino and top end luxury resort, Wild Coast Sun.


It is possible to travel the Wild Coast by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, car, or even horseback. Mostly, however, to travel from one holiday destination to another, it is necessary to detour back to the main roads, as there is no coastal road per se.


You can find accommodation by Place or Type of accommodation, then refine your search by select activities, facilities and services.


Experienced Wild Coast hiking guides are listed on this website, and explore the entire Wild Coast, starting with the threatened area from Mzamba to Xolobeni, passing the Cretaceous Deposits and Petrified Forest at Mzamba River, Search "Hiking Guides" for more info.


SLINGSBY MAPS from which this insert is taken, have detailed and accurate maps covering the Wild Coast and all the major scenic routes in South Africa available for online order at


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