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A huge thanks to JB and the building crew for the lovely work completed while I was away at the SAMA conference. What a pleasure to come back to a painted rondawel and a completed kitchen/storeroom with guttering and rain tank installed! The 80mm of rain we have had today has helped our new tank alot :-)

WOW! What a wonderful week it has been - I feel totally Refreshed, Renewed and Re-inspired - so well done to SAMA Con 2016 for living up to your name!

Hi all
I trust that 2016 is treating you well smile emoticon The new year has started with a bang! Herewith pictures of the rondawel we have been given to start Hole in the Wall Montessori. We are hoping to open on 5 April 2016, and we need a lot of help to get there!! Shopping and man/woman power! We have a big list ......and not much money.

Our new roof is nearly complete.....while some are enjoying the holidays, some are working..... .thank you very much to Canisius College and Stichting Obonto for this!

What a good day it has been for us 

Greetings from the admin office of Ncinci One's Montessori.  We are working hard and trying to make donating as easy as possible for you.  We are very pleased to say that Ncinci One's Montessori now has a Paypal account - so you can donate from anywhere in the world, and you use your creditcard to do it!  If you are in South Africa, you can use our FNB account.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you - We are on this road together!

Outside of the rondawel is now scraped (ready for plastering), and thank you JB for trimming the rondawel's bangs (fringe) - looking good. Kitchen and toilet will be started on Monday. Official opening date of our school is set for 18 April 2016.

Busy days at Ncinci One' almost dug for our kitchen/storeroom...sand and stone ready for building the kitchen/storeroom and inside is a third plastered...with thanks to Elvis and Rasta. 1st Parents meeting tomorrow smile :) Full steam ahead.... we are on this road together Stichting Obonto and Actie Adoptie - thank you!


Things are happening at Ncinci One's Montessori....The inside of the rondawel is beautifully plastered, the windows have lovely reveals (thank you Elvis), the outside is nearly half plastered and another garden bed is done. A huge THANK YOU to Viedgesville Wholesalers for the wonderful donation of blocks and cement (kitchen here we come) and the field toilet. First parents meeting held and all going strong. Opening on Monday 

Day 1 at Ncinci One's Montessori - excellent! Morning ring outdoors, then down to the beach for running and tree climbing smile :) Sorted out the indoor environment, for now. I am so looking forward to seeing those eager little peeps tomorrow morning - am loving being back at school!

Day 2 and 3 have been good.....the ncinci one's themselves are getting settled in quite nicely smile :)


Our first week ended very well.....children already concentrating, children loving each other and the kitchen/store room progressing well.......only a few children left who need sponsors.....please consider 'walking this road together with us'


A huge thank you to Orby Nicols for all the books, stationary and toys he donated from the old Ncinci One's pre-school - we will not need to buy pencil crayons for the next 3 years! Our kitchen roof is on and it is time to paint the rondawel.

The children are enjoying school so much and it is rather heart-breaking to have to close for a week.... BUT, I am off to the South African Montessori Association National conference in Cape Town, where I get the opportunity to spend quality time with other Montessorians, listening to great speakers and of course telling everyone about Ncinci One's Montessori at Hole in the Wall.... gaining interest and support for our project. We will re-open on 5 May, and our rondawel will be painted and our kitchen/storeroom will be operational :-)

New frame done! Mama's bunching thatch for new roof for our school. New windows in! Things are happening smile :)

February was a busy month for us - human angels came to visit us!! Jacob and Bruun from Stichiting Obonto in Holland,(in conjunction with Canisius College) are sponsoring the refurbishment of our new Montessori pre-school. Halalala!

Then more human angels from Oudtshoorn/George/Argentina arrived. A huge thanks to Amy Markus, Michelle Nortje and Fridl de la Rey who arrived here with a packed bakkie and trailer with things for the school, as well as with Lucas Ghione.