Zithulele Playgroup Singers

Support rural women with a small business initiative.Click on the pic to hear a sound sample

A fun way to improve your Xhosa and help your kids learn the language - Sing along to familiar Xhosa children's songs.

Produced in Zithulele Village on the Wild Coast

Contact: Karen 082 873 0490
kgalloway5080atgmail [dot] com

This CD was made by 6 women from Zithulele. It all started with women gathering together while watching small children during the day - the "Playgroup". The songs were so beautiful and the children just loved to sing them, that we thought that this was a good opportunity to record them so that others could also enjoy them, and the songs could be played on CD players and in cars. The song words are an insert inside the cover and translated from isiXhosa into English, so that people learning isiXhosa can enjoy and understand what the songs are about.

We hope that you enjoy this locally produced and manufactured product!

CLICK HERE to hear a sample


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