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Sheep & Stars

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Sheep & Stars Guest House

Rural huts in Coffee Bay with a touch of luxury

We started building our huts in 2008. I am a German doctor married to Alicia, a Xhosa woman from Coffee Bay. We are staying on this and the neighbouring property with our large family. We started hosting a hut via AirBnB since 2014, reviews can be found there. Since 2016 we have got two round huts available for visitors, but we will only have one private group at a time visiting.

The two huts have got a thatched roof, tiles on the floor and electricity. The third hut is for Alicia and me. The main building has got a fully functioning bathroom and kitchen in it. There is an outside shower, the jungle shower, which runs on a water system, which sligthly heats up during sunny days. It is surrounded by banana plants.

We have got a large property of about 70 x 70 meters on a small hill inside a valley with a 360 degree view in the village. We are about 600 meters to the sea, which can be seen from the the hut and the kitchen terrace. It is about 30 minutes and a beautiful walk through the village to reach Coffee Bay main beach. We have got a group of 10 to 15 sheep who do the lawn mowing. I have got a passion for palms, fruit and indigenous trees which slowly grow and can be seen on the property.

Our place is very quiet and usually free of mosquito. Our visitors will stay in their private hut, but will feel like part of our large African family and our village. You will see children preparing and going to school and men ploughing their gardens. You can just sit next to your hut or on the kitchen terrace watching the village or to take small walks. We can organize a guide for you to show you around or to walk with you to Hole in the wall.

Alicia has a passion for cooking. She can prepare meals for you. You can book a local group of girls, doing a traditional dance for you. 

The access road to our hut is very bad and crosses a small stream. It can be only managed by a high clearance car and if rainy only with 4x4. Our visitor usually park next to the main road, which is safe. We will fetch you there.

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No credit cards, Restaurant on site, WiFi
Rental units available: 
6 Adults & children accommodated
1 total bathrooms / toilets
Things To Do: 
Bird watching, Cultural excursion, Diving, Fishing, Hiking, Horse riding, Nature walks, Surfing, Swimming, View drives
Daily domestic service
Useful Info
Good to Know: 

The Duckling is our small restaurant in the middle of a Xhosa Village. The chef is Alicia, a real Xhosa lady with passion for good food. The ingredients are mainly sourced locally and organic. I'm her husband, Eybe, and I'm raising ducks and chicken, which are fed organic grains and roam around in our outer yard. Local fisherman sell us cray fish, fish, octopus and mussels. They are cleaned and immediately frozen to keep the freshness as we never know when guests turn up. Alicia takes care of a 150 m2 vegetable garden and a herb garden. We serve chilled transkei rain water. 

All foods are prepared fresh from the scratch, so you have to give us some time to prepare your food ! Contact us as soon you're sure you want an unforgettable meal at The Duckling. For dinner at least 6 hours before. For breakfast half an hour. Currently we can cater for up to 8 people at a time. Children can play in our big yard. There are many toys and a nice swing under a wild fig tree. 

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