Spring Newsletter 2017


Spring 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to our 1st ever Newsletter - we are very excited to share the happenings at Ncinci One's Montessori with you!  

The Ncinci One's - September 2017
It has been a busy 3 month period for me at Ncinci One's Montessori, as I have been managing the building of the new classroom, which has not been an easy task for me.  Trying to find skilled, motivated labour and dealing with rural challenges were both hard.  No municipal water for 21 days in a 6-week period.  2 Different builders, 3 different thatchers......I have learnt a lot during this process and definitely need a new box of hair colour!

I have spent many hours the past months making new learning materials to improve our environment.  I can hardly keep up with the English and isiXhosa reading material needs. The children are motoring through the materials as fast as I am making them, which is great!

It was wonderful having Lauren McGill from Kamvalethu (our main sponsor) and her family staying at Hole in the Wall for the month of August. The children miss Josiah (Jo AKA Joker), her son, who joined us at school for their stay.

We are very excited to welcome 13 new children to Ncinci One's Montessori in October 2017.  We will then be providing quality Montessori education to 27 young, rural Xhosa children. Sadly the waiting list still has 23 children on it. It is very exciting period and we really need partners to Walk this Road with us.  Please see the How you can Help section if you think you can help.

Spring has sprung and the our seeds are sown here at Ncinci One's Montessori.  

Happy Spring to you all!


The Ncinci One's joined the Global song for World Peace on International World Peace Day (21 September) at 10h30.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYGdorsx9QY&t=1s 
A lovely discussion about peace started and this discussion continues daily now, after the children "make silence" - it is really lovely.  
Let us truly hope that their wish does come true!

Ncinci One's Montessori was recently gifted a lovely, new logo - we are now fully geared to network professionally!

Ncinci One's Montessori has also recently been promoted, from initiate school to  progressive school on SAMA's membership tier.  We are very proud of this accomplishment.  
The new classroom has been thatched and we are currently throwing the floor, thanks to our fabulous builder, Mpendula.  Next will be the door and window installations, and then joining through into the current rondawel.  Busy days ahead!

We received a sea-creatures puzzle from Lauren McGill and one of the puzzles is an angel fish.  Ayakha, a little boy, asked Dawn what it was. Dawn replied by saying "angel fish", as in angels with God.  Ayakha says, "Dawn, do angels luma? (bite)
The 13 new children who will be attending Ncinci One's Montessori from October 2017 will all be needing sponsors.  

Sponsorship is R500 per month and each rural child receives: A truly priceless Montessori foundation; A beautiful and nurturing educational environment; 2 nutritious meals and a daily calcium supplement; Regular health checks  and de-worming twice a year.  You receive:  Good karma for helping a rural child get the best start to life! We will update you regularly with a quarterly newsletter and you can request an update and photo's of Your child that You sponsor, at any time.  Please consider arranging sponsorship of a Ncinci One's child through your school, group of colleagues, or friends. Sharing sponsorship makes it affordable for all. 

The children are all developing beautifully and it is really great for Nosandise and myself to be a part of this wonderful experience!

Academically, 6 of the children are already reading isiXhosa and English - some on words, some on phrases and some on sentences.  It really is amazing how easy it is for a young child to learn sounds and learn to read during their

Sensitive Period for Language.  A true gift for life!

Most of the children are already working with the Decimal System and Golden Beads, and doing addition and multiplication - it is so easy for the children, all thanks to their lovely new Golden bead bank.  

The children have unfortunately not had a good time, health wise, this term, as there was a scabies outbreak and it affected almost half the children :-( Other than that, everything is going well and the children are happy and learning at an amazing rate. 

The children really love their little school and they made a song about it.  The words mean 'the small children study at Ncinci One's" - Don't you just love it? :-)

Three of the children will be graduating at the end of November, as they go off to grade 1 next year.  

The song the children made about their school 
Ncinci One's Montessori is blessed in many ways, especially by the kindness and support of many people.  For this last quarter, we would like to thank the following people and organisations for their support of our project. Without you, our Early Childhood Development project would not be sustainable and could definitely not be able to grow the way it has! From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You All Very Much for your support!
Kamvalethu - financial support
Stichting Obonto - financial support
11 Monthly sponsors of individual children - financial support
Viedgesville Wholesalers  - financial support
Viedgesville Wholesalers - Nutritional support
JAM - Nutritional support
The Lunchbox Fund - Nutritional support
Garden Road Montessori - Montessori materials and furniture
Parents of Garden Road Montessori - Bags of clothes and toys 
kidsRfuture - Montessori materials
The Childrens House - Montessori materials
The language spoken here at Hole in the Wall, Eastern Cape, is isiXhosa.  There are not heaps of clicks, as some people seem to think. There are only 3 clicks, and here is a little story to help you practise your Xhosa clicks.

A man gets on his horse, to go and visit a friend.  He says to the horse, "Xa, Xa, Xa" (clicking with your tongue against the inside of your cheek).  He gets to his friend's house and knocks on the door, "Qo, Qo, Qo" (clicking your tongue against your palate), but his friend does not answer the door, so he says, "Ce, Ce, Ce"(clicking tongue against the back of front teeth).

Check out Xhosa Talk for more info - it is great local site! Happy clicking!

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Please contact us with any feedback, questions or queries you may have.    
We would love to hear from you!

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