September is Spring!

We had a lovely month at Ncinci One’s Montessori and September brought us Spring, seedlings, World Peace Day and super development from the children.

On 21 September, Spring Day and World Peace Day, the children planted beans in cotton-wool, and spinach and butternut seeds in trays. At 10h30, the Ncinci One’s joined about 150 000 children worldwide in singing for Peace around the World.  You can enjoy their little video – let’s hope that their wish does come true!

Academically there are big things happening inside the rondawel.  A few of the children are already reading isiXhosa and/or English words, phrases and sentences and the others are almost finished learning their sounds. I cannot keep up with the demand on language materials J  Lovely!  A large number of children are working with the Decimal system and Golden Beads (thank you The Childrens House and kidsRfuture) and doing addition and multiplication – really wonderful to be a part of this journey!

The building of our new classroom has been slow ….. but it is getting there. HUGE thanks again to Kamvalethu and Stichting Obonto (Actie Adoptie) for making this happen! The bad weather that we have been experiencing is also not helping.  Breathe! ! It will be done.

We are very excited to be welcoming 13 new, young, rural Xhosa children to Ncinci One’s Montessori in October – and cannot wait to set up our new environment, happy days ahead :-)

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We are really looking for partners to Walk this Road with us and help with financial support for the 13 new children.  Sponsorship can be shared amongst a group of work colleagues’ friends, family or a school, and that way it is affordable for all.  Please contact me for any information.

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Have a great month.

Dawn and the Ncinci One’s


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