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Invader alien plants in Port St Johns area

Port St Johns's Indigenous forest is threatened by quick growing invasive alien plant species (inkberry, american bramble,guava,casteroil plant,indian laurel,lantana and many other). To try and eradicate these looks like a mammoth task. The Working for Water Project seems not to be working at all in the Port St Johns area. I have started to try and eradicate and kill all non indigenous plants on and around my property (between Ferry Point and Agate-Terrace). I bought a book on invader plants of KZN and have discovered that any piece of disturbed forest gets rapidly invaded by these alien plants and it is very difficult to eradicate these invaders and rehabilitate such an area even if it is a very small area. I pay three orphan school kids from Noqhekwana R50/day on saturdays to help me. If anybody knows how I can go about to get any official or any other assistance in a cause to eradicate the Pondoland's indigenous forest of invader alien plant species. South Africa does only have a few lush forests(Tsitsikama, Pndoland, Drakensberg, KZN and Limpopo) and bushveld (Kruger National Park, Nelspriut, Hazyview), compare to Central-,West-and North Africa. Is there a way to save our forests, maybe declare all our natural forests National Parks?


Pondok, Thanks for your effort. You should contact DWAF and the ORT Municipality with your query. They should be able to get a team together to help eradicate the invaders. DWAF: Contact Mr. Ngange 082-808 5780, or Joseph on 073-402 4596. (Kindly note that I unlinked your blog entry from the PSJ page, as that term is for tourism related entries only. I've left it linked to "Environment" and hopefully we will see some discussion and input about the declaration of National Parks, conservation, etc.) Jeff

Thank you, I have tried to call them Friday about 15:00. Wiil try again in this week.

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