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1. We urge visitors to travel to the Wild Coast during daylight hours, and slowly, as the roads are not fenced and you are likely to meet a Transkei speedtrap in the form of a large animal. There are also potholes which are unavoidable at any kind of speed, as well as small, misleading dirt tracks leading from the feeder roads, so it is all too easy to get lost at night.
2. Be alert for reckless drivers.
3. Bring good walking shoes along with you, something warm for unexpected temperature fluctuations, a costume, towel, hat, sunblock and a good insect repellent.
4. The Tourist Safety Unit can be reached on 047-5052662.
10111 South African Police Services
10177 Ambulance Emergency Medical Services
112 Vodacom, Virgin, MTN, Cell C Emergency Number (148 for contract subscribers)
Mapuzi Police Station 047 575 9000 (Coffee Bay and surrounds)
5. Xhosa Phrasebook:


Thanks for the tips...

Who knows if we can make a trip in one day from our Hostel in Port St. Johns, go to Coffee Bay and see the Hole in the Wall and then drive at the same day to the hostel in East London. We would like to have some advise about the trip, we think of driving on the N2 most of the time. Thanks in advance. Mira

Hi Mira, It's doable, but that's a lot of driving for one day. From Ports St Johns you'll go via Umtata to Coffee Bay/Hole in the Wall; and that's about 3 hours. Then to East London will be about another 3 and a half to 4 hours. I'd recommend breaking the trip into 2, and spending a night at Coffee Shack or Sugarloaf in Coffee Bay. I think you'll have much more fun there than you will arriving late in E.L. :) HTH

I am very glad to see such information, which I was searching for a long time.It's really very helpful for those who are planning for a trip.Thanks for sharing such a nice tips with us.

Thank you for your answer. At the end we did our travel a little bit differend. From Durban we drove to coffee bay, we arrived there at the Coffee bay hotel just before dark. It was a nice hotel! Next morning we drove to the Hole in the Wall, it was Stunning!!! What a lovely and quiet place! (The road was 15 km. from the hotel and very bad, big potholes, and big stones!)We had a normal car, but 4 x 4 wheeldrive is better, because of the holes)But the bad road was abselutely worth it!!! That same day we drove to East London, also a nice place! This site of South Africa was very specialfor us. We come from the Netherlands, but we hope to come back some day. Kind regards, Mira

Hi Can someone let me know if I can reliably drive to coffee bay with a normal 2x4 car (vw polo)? Thanks

We drove to Coffee Bay almost 2 years ago. We made a 5000 km trip trough South Africa with our kids in a Nissan Tida. We had a fabulous trip! The road to Coffee Bay is bad (potholes) but ok, the road from Coffee Bay to Hole in the wall is very bad, there are many potholes and big rocks. It is about 1 1/2 ours - 2 ours driving from Coffee Bay to Hole in the wall, but it is worth it!!! You can drive with a normal car, but you have to be very careful! Good luck and have a safe yourney. Family Hordijk from the Netherlands.

Hi there, Does anyone know what the recent road conditions between DBN and Coffee Bay - Coffee Bay and East london are? We will be travelling on those routes in Feb and I would like to estimate driving times. Thanks, Nikki

Its really hard to travel when you are in completely new place and such tips being really useful then. Thanks for sharing.

Is there an address to follow to view the home in their wall or co-ordinates please? Or do you need a tour guide and do a hike? Thanks.

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