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Silaka Nature Reserve: scenic serenity

Having recently visited Port St Johns after an absence of almost 5-years (post living and working there), I was once again taken by the stunning landscapes in general and the beauty in particular of the Silaka Nature Reserve. This has prompted me to add it to the trivago travel community of which I am a member. Should anybody wish to expand it by uploading their pictures and reviews of Silaka it would be much appreciated.


Restaurant recommendations please! We are staying at Silaka in April and although will be selfcatering for the most part we were keen on trying out a local restaurant at least once - nothing fancy necessary but good, fresh (preferably some seafood) fare in a nice setting. It would also need to be child friendly. I phoned Umngazi but they don't take any outside bookings for meals in their high season so no luck there. Would greatly appreciate feedback on good spots any of you may have enjoyed in the area. Thanks!

I haven't been to PSJ in years, but there were several good restaurants in the area. Check when you're there. If memory serves, though, there's Lilly's restaurant, Delicious Monster, Outspan Inn, Cremorne, Wettham Hill, and probably many more places where you can get a good meal...

Thanks Jeff - certainly sound like there's a fair bit to choose from, will take a look when we are there. Appreciate the comment!

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