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Sky Candles

Sky Candles are the perfect, safe alternative to a fireworks display, and Ideal for parties, weddings, holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Celebrate in Light...

R300 for 10,

plus R40 for delivery anywhere in South Africa.

Contact: Emma

  • Email: emn8ingatgmail [dot] com
  • Cell: 082-746 883

    Sky candles are traditionally made out of oiled rice paper stretched over a bamboo frame, containing a small candle. When you light the candle, the air heats up, and the lantern rises into the air.

    Sky candles will stay aloft for around fifteen minutes.They can rise as high as 1500m. These fascinating lanterns are popular all over the world especially in China and Thailand, and are used for special occasions and festivals. Sky candles are considered a symbol of good luck.

    Biodegradable, Flame Resistant, Non Hazardous, SAFE AND ECO FRIENDLY!

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    Hi Where can I get these in CT? Are you the only supplier? What are your banking details? What guarantee do I have that I will receive them if I pay. Regards Michael

    Hi Micheal We send them anywhere in South Africa, if you send me your email address I will send you banking details and everything else you need to know.

    Can you please mail me your catalog and price list. Thanks Callie

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