Hiking Trail Guide

For hiking trails from Coffee Bay to Hole in the Wall and Mapuzi . . . or cultural village excursions . . . contact: Silas Khalipa on 073-9657125


Had a great tour with Silas, knows everything about Xhosa culture, speaks English fluently, and has a BIG smile and great sense of humour! Thanks again my friend! Pepijn

I'm looking to visite coffee bay I'm on vacation next summer i can't wait til my vacationwhere i can get info ?

Hi Mashia, Thanks for stopping by. I'm busy re-writing the site - but because there is quite a bit of online interaction on some of the forums, the only way I can do it is 'live'. I'm planning to have a hands-on, personal introduction and informational overview of each of the major destinations like Coffee Bay, Port St Johns, Chintsa, etc. Please check back in about a week. And apologies for the fact that the site is slightly dysfunctional at the moment.

<p>I was looking for hiking options to some unexplored places, I called on the number an they gave me the full detail about the hiking trail. Looking forward to join it.</p>

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