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The Royal Wedding

Wow, the marriage of Prince William and Lady Catherine solicited a great deal of interest on the site yesterday. The visitor count hit a new all time record, and I thought the site had been compromised until I figured out that over half of the hits were on the blog post from 2008 about the Royal brothers riding the Wild Coast. (

I thought that (what little I saw of it) the pomp and pageantry of the wedding of the century was quite magical. The stuff of fantasy; and we need that in this world.

I must be honest and admit that Prince William has  extraordinary charisma. A palpable aura of power and privilege, but more than that even.

When they visited Hole in the Wall on their ride, I tried to get a photo. So I sidled up to the foot of their table and nervously asked if I could take a photograph. One of the bodyguards laughed and chirped "Well I rode like a champion today, you're quite welcome to take my photo!" 

Without thinking about the propriety or anything, I replied, "No not you, mate, I meant William and Harry."

Prince William responded and said that it was so very kind of me to ask, and apologized and said that they'd had a long ride that day and would prefer if I wouldn't. "No problem," I said, "I really don't wish to impose." He thanked me again for my courtesy, and I left with the tangible impression of having encountered true nobility.

It was quite remarkable, and has left me with an indelible and lasting respect for the man who was born to be King someday.

(/True story. :)


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