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Tectonic Shift Think Tank

The Shift Thank Tank happened in April already - but these were some things I picked up around this area that were interesting. To me.

"In the midst of conflict and suffering, humankind is laying the foundation for a planetary civilization. The foundation is made of our stories about the world, the narrative of existence -- and when we feel especially confident about it, we like to call it knowledge. We share a responsibility to ensure that the foundation is stable, that it can be built upon forever, that it is owned by all of us. I am confident that we can achieve this together, and am looking forward to meeting you. -- Peace & Love, Erik"

"Even Free Code can be used to support unfree societies. Even powerful code does not guarantee thriving communities. Let us not forget that. But let us also not forget that code is law. It does not deserve to be trivialized or ridiculed. We must understand our code. We must make it free. And we must make it as brilliant as the future we want to live in."

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