Silaka Trail

At Second Beach you will find the path just near the high water mark, off the south end of the beach across the Bulolo River (stream at that point, mostly), and running up into the forest.

It is quite a gentle half an hour walk to Silaka, but there are some tricky spots. So beware. That being said, parts of the path are currently (Nov '16) being upgraded with steps and handrails. 

This is a beautiful winding path through indigenous coastal forest and lush sub-tropical splendour at its finest. Giant forest trees are clad in mosses, lichens and epiphytic orchids, while lilies bloom on the forest floor.

The path winds around the peninsula from Second to Third Beach (Third Beach is Silaka's Beach), occasionally running above the ocean with breathtaking panoramic views. Once you reach there, you can continue along Third Beach to Bird Island, or walk around the reserve where you might see Zebra, Wildebeest and Blesbok. Blue Duiker and Bushbuck are indigenous to the forest, but are secretive and seldom seen.

And of course this is a twitcher's paradise, with literally hundreds of species, and where rare beauties like the Knysna Loerie, Cinnamon Dove and Grey Cuckooshrike are almost commonplace. 

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