Proposed road upgrade from R61 to Hluleka Nature Reserve

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Project Description

The project is approximately 47 km long and 9.8m wide. The road is currently unpaved with a gravel wearing course.

The project will involve the upgrading of the road, where required, to a Class 3 (9.8m wide) bitumen surfaced cross section. All the envisaged roadworks will generally be contained within the limits of the existing road reserve however minor realignments will be required most notably near the Hlulekha Game Reserve.


Coastal and Environmental Services, as independent environmental consultants, have been appointed by Ninham Shand acting on behalf of the Eastern Cape Department of Roads and Transport to undertake and manage the environmental regulatory compliance process for the proposed upgrade of the road from the R 61 at St. Barnabas Hospital to Hlulekha Nature Reserve. The proposed development involves the upgrade of a 47 km road, 9.8m wide. The road is currently unpaved with a gravel wearing course.


Provision of accessible and sustainable rural transport network in support of the provincial growth.

The road upgrade will create empowerment and development of the rural community through the creation of sustainable infrastructural services and facilities. The proposed development will provide job creation, training and skills development of local community. The community will not only benefit during the upgrade of the road but also after the road has been upgraded.

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