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The Ama-Xhosa of the Transkei

The Ama-Xhosa of the Transkei - by Deryck Lang

This is a must-have book for your coffee table...

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The Ama-Xhosa of the Transkei - by Deryck Lang. Edited by Dianne Lang

A photo journal depicting and explaining the customs of the amaXhosa, the largest tribe in South Africa. Deryck spent his life among the amaXhosa in the Transkei, and was a respected member and Elder of the amaTshezi; the foremost clan of the Bomvana tribe. The photographs he took are a testament of his enduring love of the people, and their deep respect for him. Deryck "Mdesaleni" Lang: 1934 - 2009

Deryck "Mdesaleni" Lang: 1934 - 2009 Few, if any, outsiders have been as privileged to photograph tribal customs and ceremonies, to share in their fortunes and their sorrows; and to live amongst them their entire life.

Deryck captured an intimate glimpse into what could sadly be the end of a cultural era. Deryck was a true African in the deepest sense of the word, a man who epitomised the meaning of "Ubuntu" and "Umntu Ngumntu Ngabantu".

Lala Ngoxolo Mdesaleni

Gqira: Priest-diviner





Gqira: Priest-diviner


what a amazing person as the story was told by Inanda Lang. Can I buy the book? Please email me.3nPal

I am looking for more information on a bird known as "Inkquilo"

The correct spelling is 'inkqilo'. This little bird, within the Xhosa people, is regarded as a bird of luck, of good fortune. it normally runs along the footpaths that crisscross the fields and plains under the African sun, and they say that when nkqilo crosses your path "there is goodluck awaiting you at the destination of your journey". I think the good wish saying that says 'Nge kuvuke unkqilo kwindlela yakho" (may the bird "nkqilo' cross or rise on your path), comes from this. How this bird of the fields and plains got to be associated with good luck I do not know, but I suppose because of its tranquil nature and the fact that its surroundings are always calm and peaceful perhaps this comes from that. Can't say really. I do not know its English name though. Hope that somehow assists you Aubrey. Good luck, may nkqilo rise on your path!!!!

How can i buy this book without having to go via USA.

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