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One Laptop Per Child

Countries that have committed to OLPC so far:

Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Greece, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda, Tunisia, United States of America (specifically the states of Massachusetts and Maine), Uruguay

Paul Kagame, Rwanda's president, said the initiative would strengthen the quality of already existing free and compulsory primary education, by adopting new tools for learning and engaging children more directly, both inside and outside of school.

"By moving to an electronic format, a much wider body of knowledge will be made available to children than was previously possible or economically feasible with printed text books," he said.

Solomon Islands XO-1 Laptop Pilot

"The other key partner – as the pilot is largely funded by the Ministry of Education through the EU sector programme – is the Curriculum Development Centre. They need to learn about ebooks, elearning resources and how to start using computers in the classroom. Thus, one might imagine some simple first steps in testing curriculum-related content via the OLPCs."

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