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It must be said that this is not a political site... it is a tourism site; and news should be restricted to tourism related subjects.

For example, minister Vali Moosa said in an interview in 2002 that the Transkei Wild Coast will never be industrially exploited as it is a priceless national treasure and we will not resort to short term gain at the expense of our children's ecological heritage. About a year or so later (2003), the venerable minister then went on record saying that if the tourism market failed to live up to it's potential within 5 years then other economic recourses should regretfully be undertaken.

So the spectre of open cast dune mining rears it's monstrous head again, and guess what? apart from this steamroller there's been a moratorium on any developments whatsoever along the Wild Coast (within 1 km from the high water mark) for the past 13 years.

So by 2008 we're supposed to have proved our tourism potential just how, exactly?

(24 April 2007)

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