Mzamba, Xolobeni, Port Edward and the South Coast

Xolobeni, Mzamba, and finally Port Edward, mark the Northenmost boundary of the Transkei Wild Coast, and fall into the famous Pondoland Center of Endemism.

New tourism ventures will be springing up in this area that is being threatened with strip mining for titanium.

For up to date information on the mining saga:

If you want to explore the threatened area from Mzamba to Xolobeni, passing the Cretaceous Deposits and Petrified Forest at Mzamba River, Benny the Tour Guide can be contacted on 079-1985 975 / or through Sonya on 074-336 7862 - for a guided day-trip.

We will be adding further links as they become available.

In the meantime, if you're coming to the Wild Coast and you're looking for a detour along the way, or perhaps you've visited us and are on your way North towards Durban and Mocambique; here is a helpful link to some tourism destinations on the KZN South Coast:


Please advise about travel agents in your area Many thanks Lucille

<p>SAVE SOUTH AFRICA'S COASTLINE South Africa's coastline is under threat from dune mining industry and smelting projects. This means that the potential for the country to develop its eco-tourism industry will be seriously jeopardized. From Richards Bay, to Xolobeni along the Wild Coast, Wavecrest, East London, Port Elizabeth (Coega) and Tormin Sands eco-systems under threat include the following:&nbsp;East London In East London, nature reserves have been declared protected sites in Gonubie, Nahoon Point and Nahoon Estuary. Nahoon Point is a valuable prehistoric site - famous for the 200 000-year-old footprints that were discovered in the 1960s - and the Dassie Trail is a sanctuary for these small mammals and birds. Plans include educational workshops, eco-trails and displays of fauna and flora. The project would also help eliminate alien vegetation and benefit indigenous plants, trees, grass and flowers. The reserve also includes an area where mangrove trees grow on the edges of the Nahoon dam. The Nahoon Estuary Nature Reserve is home to many dassies. Small buck and porcupine used to live in the reserve but have vanished - poached by hunters. The municipality is planning to return the two reserves to their former state.&nbsp;</p>

Yes im agree with that coz the wild coast sun resident are poor coz there iz a high rate of unemployment folk. Ya this place iz very beauty and it attract thousand tourist in month but we still suffer coz as a resident we did nt benefit. Anything that come here to make our economy better is gud realy good. Thanks

<p>This potential strip mining of a natural area reminds me of the movie Avatar. I wish businesses could just leave the parts of the world that we haven't already destroyed alone. Our planet is beautiful and I would be fine with abandoning technology and stuff in order to preserve the rest of nature that we have to enjoy in our lifetimes.</p>

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