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Murder mystery at Hole in the Wall

A skeleton (apparently that of a slightly built woman by my first impression - which was corroborated by M.R. who is also a slightly built woman; and she noted and compared the size of the pelvis and femur) was discovered in a shallow grave on Mens Beach at Hole in the Wall on Saturday.

The body could not have been buried very long ago, due to the fact that it was right behind the stonewall barrier that was only built a few years ago.

A bullet cartridge, apparently from an AK47 or R1 rifle, was found on the skeleton.

Tragic and sickening. This is just a short way away from my bedroom window.


Dispatch article at and their blog entry at

Serious intrigue, mystery and murder. My mind questions the circumstances, why and how this person was killed, thinking of the last moments and how it could all have ended up like this. On another note though, you beat the Daily Dispatch to this story - they're quoting you today from your blog. Well done. Although according to the Disapatch you don't live in Hole in the Wall - which I doubt - they didn't read your story properly. The Dispatch story also maintains there are two skeletons, despite there only being one skull, at this stage I'm not convinced by their fact checking on this story so far. Shoddy journalism raises my hackles. Thanks for your representation of this, it's nice to have another reading, another interpretation of the event. Citizen journalism at work.

I don't think it's the Dispatch's fault for thinking I live at Coffee Bay; as the project I manage is located there and I have been interviewed by them on a couple of occasions in the past. I actually added the location of my bedroom window after they published the article. But I wouldn't say that they are not guilty of shoddy journalism, either. Just not really in this case. : ) I've been trying to get them to cover the real travesty of justice here at Hole in the Wall for a really long time now ( But then again no one from (Avusa / Naspers) is prepared to cover the story. We have documentary proof that the people's choice of leader was actually appointed by a High Court judge; but the politics of destabilization have been used to devastating effect. Over 30 people from the area are still in prison awaiting trial (which has been postponed to 22 Feb 2009) - and 4 people have been condemned to double-life sentences without the mitigating factors ever having been publicized. Then again, I believe it's political pandering causing shoddy journalism. People seem to be scared of the ANC for some reason. By the way, I noted your email address. Do you want any of the pics at full res? Pretty gruesome I know, but hey...

Ok, I take your point, it's not only editorial bungling that that had you living in Coffee Bay. I know it's also my splitting hairs as Hole in the Wall and Coffee Bay are so close to each other, but principles of Journ 101 keep coming to mind. Know your source. And I agree that the issue you've raised is begging for coverage and should be exposed, I ask myself why no-one is interested? Has the commodification of news led to this? Media ownership should be run as a disclaimer on newspaper banners. Certainly, being in opposition to the hegemony is a dangerous place for an investigative journalist, as well as their sources. I can only hope that recent national political developments will filter down and contribute to allowing more oppositional voices to be heard. And thanks for the offer of hi-res bones, the lo-res ones here are just fine though. Too many bones already...

Greetings, I was one of the people who discovered the skeleton as we passed by on Saturday morning (1st November 2008). We dug around the area and found this fully intact person with unusually worn teeth (upper and lower molars were worn flat, past the enamel layer). The Coffee Bay SAPS were alerted and recovered the remains for investigation. A second set of femoral bones, indicating another body buried close by, was pointed out to the officers. The SAPS need to do a thorough investigation of the area as it seems that this is the location of a dubious burial ground. The area is littered with many bones that look to be human, eg spinal bones, teeth, finger bones, etc. Our group took various pictures and a video of the scene and subject.

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