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MbotyiOnline Slackpacking Hikes

MbotyiOnline is a community-centric eco-tourism enterprise located in the stunning Pondoland area of the Wild Coast, dedicated to conservation and sustainable development. Emphasizing the importance of eco-tourism, MbotyiOnline offers a range of customizable hiking experiences that cater to various skill levels and interests, from serene forest walks to multi-day coastal treks. Their approach allows visitors to explore the unique beauty and cultural richness of the Wild Coast responsibly, promoting environmental stewardship and enhancing local livelihoods.

Each hike is thoughtfully planned to provide an immersive experience, highlighting the untouched landscapes and biodiversity of Pondoland. Guests enjoy inclusive services such as daily meals focusing on fresh local seafood, comfortable accommodations in authentic beach cottages, and the convenience of having their baggage transported to each day's destination. Local guides, deeply knowledgeable about the region's ecology and culture, lead the expeditions, enriching the journey with their insights and ensuring a safe and memorable adventure.

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As part of the trip MbotyiOnline offers a shuttle service from from Durban and East London Airport.

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