Map of the Wild Coast

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We are travelling to SA in september,we are wondering if we need 4x4 vehicle to explore the wild coast or will a high clearance vehicle be suitable 

No you don't need a 4x4. Virtually any vehicle will get you most places you need to go. . .  High clearance will be great.

Hi i grew up along the Transkei coast and its very unpredctable the Roads are mainly dirt roads and if it rains its easy to get stuck. If you are exploring you can find yourself in the middle of nowhere its called the Wild coast anything is possible. But the people are friendly and its unspoilt paradise. iv been all over the world and this is truly the best place. Try stick to the upper side around hole in the Wall, its amazing there to explore and hike and its very safe. Sep is raining season, i suggest 4x4.

i have been twice to the wild coast in 2007 and again twice in 2008. they have improved the tarred road from the N2 "hiway" to coffee bay. i went to coffee bay and hole in the wall an mdumbi. i used a normal toyota corolla no worries. just make sure your spare wheel is in good condition.

however there were many little spots we could not go in our car. i would say a 4x2 with high clearance is just fine. a 4x4 will help you, but not much more than a high clearance 4x2.

just watch out for muddy sand roads if it is raining that's all.

has anyone stayed at Drifters

Drifters was awsome, fully equiped and has gas for cooking and hotwater and solar power and neat tent capms, Most of the drifters camps on the wild coast are very nice and a mind blowing experience.

We have one week to hike the wild coast. We have already hiked the Port SJ to Coffee Bay stretch so we are considering either hiking from Port SJ to Port Edward or from Kei mouth to Port SJ. Can anyone recommend either of these routes or give us any advice?

For a 5 day hike the best option would either be from Port St Johns to Port Edward, or from Kei Mouth to Coffee Bay.

Drifters do a guided hike the other way, from Port Edward to PSJ.

Please check out for more info. (I've just updated it, so please do check out the options.)

Does anyone know how many days it would take to hike from Kei Mouth to Coffee Bay - we are experinced fit hikers. Also are there safe areas we can camp on the way or cottages or backpackers along the way to stay in?

Basically it's a 5 day hike.

I don't really know the whole region that well, but if you plan it out carefully you should hit a resort or backpackers every night. I'm thinking, like Kei to Wavecrest, Wavecrest to Kob Inn, Kob Inn to Dwesa Nature Reserve, Dwesa to Bulungula, Bulungula to Hole in the Wall, or straight on to Coffee Bay, It's only 2 hours hike from HitW.

You'll probably want to take an extra day out at Mpame. Between Bulungula and the Hole. It's a good stop over. Otherwise it's a steep 6 hour hike. 8 Hours to Coffee Bay.

Not too sure, but I think most of the above places have camping sites.

Get a map, though. : )

Let me know how the schedule actually works out. Am at Hole in the Wall. Tel. 074 101 5170.


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