Khanyakhaya Introduction


Khanyakhaya is a loose transliteration of "lighthouse"; and the organization's main objectives are to assist communities in the rural Wild Coast with integrating technology and first world education standards with respect to preservation of their own culture, and to establish a Montessori Pre-School and a Volunteer Mentor-Ring network to assist with computer orientation.

The Montessori school will provide:

  • subscription-based and free (sponsored) pre-primary education,
  • instill a love for learning in young children during their foundational years through the famously successful method pioneered by Dr. Maria Montessori,
  • an environment conducive to trust and respect
  • educational and vocational support;
  • nutritional supplementation for the pupils,
  • while the Mentor-Ring operation aims to achieve:

    (b) The organisation's secondary objectives will be to achieve relief of stress existing because of the cultural differences in our country though:

    • Providing support for local schools in the Coffee Bay area, in the form of purchasing furniture, (desks and chairs), educational materials, burglar bars and funding for educational tours
    • Providing sponsorship scholarships for students from the Coffee Bay area to complete their grades 9 – 12, (as the closest high school is 20km away)
    • Creating a way towards the eradication of poverty in the Eastern Cape

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