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Never buy an Apple MacBook if you live on the coast!


Don't get me wrong. I love Macs and MacOS. Just wish I could shout from the mountain tops how truly bad they are for anyone living in humid climates.

You can't replace components. There are, basically, two solid-state things: computer (including battery) and screen.

And they have hectic design flaws. Butterfly keyboard, anyone?

Had a 2019 MacBrick Pro. Cost almost a month's salary. Lasted 10 months here on the beach.  And it was plagued with phantom butterfly keystrokes!  So I wasn't that sad to see it die.

Warranty claim was refused, however. Water damage, they said.

You could clearly see the damage on the motherboard. Right on each side where they SUCK air in at the base. Rather than  blow.

I quickly bought a MacBook Air to replace it, so I could restore and continue working. That one lasted 15 months.

And the real moral of this story is. You can't replace components in Mac 'books'.  And data is  virtually irrecoverable from soldered-in SSD.

They are beautifully engineered devices for a perfect environment. But beware.


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