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Human Rights Abuses in the Transkei

The Transkei has been victim to the policies of the ANC for some time now. People don't realize that my sense of urgency (paranoia) is based on over 13 years of experience with them in this region... and it has been brutal.

Firstly, it was destabilized to rid the area of the influence of Holomisa and the UDM. . . by moving the capital to Bhisho and closing down all the parastatals (like Radio Transkei, Capital Radio, Transkei Airways [my Mom was there from day dot... marketing director, and the woman behind the scenes, if you know what I mean] Magwa Tea, TRACOR, etc, etc, plus the Transkei Defence Force [along with all the APLA & MK cadres Bantu Bonke Holomisa was hosting quite openly - altho he denies it]).

My estimate, including the troops at Umtata & PSJ, is in the region of 65,000 jobs that were lost. Then we were put on tax parity with SA and all the industrial incentives were removed.


Funnily enough, Mandela, on one of his visits to Umtata shortly after that, was caught in Umtata Pharmacy in York Rd. as the only TORNADO in living memory roared through that very street. His body guards fell on top of him, as the ceiling was raised 18 INCHES... but no real damage was sustained apart from some bruising to the remnants of his dignity.

The ancestors talk clearly in these parts.

I was held up 4 times in the region, lost approx a quarter million to crime (underinsured) in the space of less than 2 years... and retrenched 12 staff when I closed Computer Business Systems (Pty) Ltd. in Umtata and moved to PSJ with my ISP business: Wild Coast Internet.

In 1998 Stofile made some speeches which I only discovered recently . . . which have left me in no doubt about the red dawn rising. One was the one you may have come across on my paranoid, panicked, and near apoplectically incoherent blog... to the effect that "it is incumbent upon Traditional Leadership to seek to purge the institution of all illegitimacy by being prepared to commit class suicide when the audit of Traditional Leadership takes place." (

and which has "An ANC party source in OR Tambo, the district municipality of which KSD forms a part, told the M&G last week that the ANC has realised that “its strategies to frustrate the UDM when it was in power” were “not premised to benefit the poor."

So... when I see what has happened here (whether SA is signatory to the Convention on Biodiversity or not) I fear the worst. If that is paranoia so be it.

Because apart from all that, here where I am living, over the past year we have seen the ANC's deculturalization process in full swing:

Where there has been a succession issue over the headman, Mzoxolo Mdedeleni, who was killed in 2003 without leaving an heir or appointing a successor, the ANC has forced his estranged wife of 15 years (together with her 9 year old son) upon the community in a bid to undermine the legitimacy of the institution and in the name of their true "people's democracy" where women have equal rights (in a traditionally patriarchal society).

There were hut burnings and 2 mob killings - the latest of which was the woman - Nowinase - who was buried Saturday before this past. Despite the fact that I had tried desperately to get the story out about how the community wanted DNA testing... and the blood brother of the deceased headman to be appointed... she was buried as a royal chieftainess - no less - and no mention was ever made in the papers about the controversy over her appointment. And the suppressed people in this community who are guilty of murder with aggravated circumstances are demonized and persecuted.

Over 20 people have been arrested, again, and the police brutality has to be experienced to be believed. (beating up of a 70 year old women in a shebeen... assaulting elderly people and rendering them unconscious ... beating people up until they shit in their pants.... etc)

I was arrested for contempt of court last year - and was assaulted in the charge office. I know what I'm talking about.

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