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Government aims to tame the Wild Coast

Insanity. They want to 'industrialise agriculture' in the Transkei. But to reverse the legacy of the 1913 land act, no title deed can be given. (+Fe) Despite the fact that Nkwinti acknowledges that everyone WANTS title to their land - his department has to meet the challenge to "balance the land market" vis a vis those who have vs those who don't.

Indeed, the current owners can lease their land from government. Or be relocated, rather, as the likes of Cyril Ramaphosa and his legions usurp all the land in another disastrous repression of human rights with some mad aim to benefit the rich while the local inhabitants will lose their land and be subjected to serfdom forever.

Nkwinti is talking about leasing their land out from under them for a minimum of 30 years.

BY DOMINIC PREUSS, NOVEMBER 18 2013 (Business Day)

See the interview on Youtube

INFRASTRUCTURE was the hot topic at the Wild Coast development summit held in Mthatha on Thursday, with hopes that planned upgrades to the N2 highway through the Eastern Cape will speed the development of industry and agriculture in the province.

In this video BDFM talks to Eastern Cape MEC Mcebisi Jonas about plans to create a special economic zone (SEZ) in Mthatha, and Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti on the new land reform strategy.



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