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Mkambati Nature Reserve to be privatised?

Full story: Daily Maverick

Mkambati Nature Reserve, one of five national reserves along the Wild Coast, is to be privatised and made off-limits to all but exclusive paying guests at the proposed resort.

Also, access to the World famous waterfall that falls directly into the Indian Ocean will be restricted to paying guests only. Doesn't seem right.



For certain this is not right. It will probably be for the very rich as well excluding normal citizens from access. I have recently visited the so called "petrified forest" at the Wild Coast Sun complex. What an absolute let down. I visited the area in the middle 1960's when it was something to behold. What is left now is just a remnant of what was. Why destroy another beautiful area and reduce it to a commercial site. O yes I have forgotten - the modern world is only interested in money and profit.

Our natural heritage should be open to all who would like to enjoy nature responsibly.

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