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Illegal trawler monitoring on the Wild Coast

Be aware of illegal fishing vessels along the Wild Coast.

Especially during the Shad Season and Sardine Run from May through August!

There is now a permanent AIS monitoring station at Hole in the Wall, capable of monitoring all legal marine traffic along the Wild Coast.

If you see a suspicious ship, please check this page or: Marine Traffic Monitor

And if it is not transmitting its position and identity, please report it to the Fisheries dept at DAFF.

Report suspicious activity to: Mr Mbuli on 043 722 9640 or 078 319 3119


Thursday, 13 April 2017. 18:50 Unidentified ship, approx. 1km offshore, traveling north past Hole in the Wall with port light shining. Reported to Mr. Mbuli. Responded that info was passed on to Assistant Director Fisheries Patrol Vessel Unit. Awaiting feedback.  

No follow up...

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