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Avaaz petition to SAHRA: Please declare Hole in the Wall a heritage site



In this picture, you can see where they're busily building the turning circle. They've removed hundreds of cubes of topsoil, and have got to the stage where they return from dumping it with a load of sabunga to replace it, and they're even busy compacting it with a steam roller. 

It's also in the approximate region where they think to put the picnic site.

See where the litter is going to irretrievably blow into the pristine cliff forest, river, and out to sea?

The Department of Economic Development, Environment & Tourism (DEDEAT) has approved this ecocidal insanity.

Please click on the link to sign our petition to SAHRA:

SAHRA: Please Declare Hole in the Wall a National Heritage Site to Protect It

Super location for picnics - but...

Inaccessible picnic site

"Bus bays" and raised road

Simply desecration

They're paving paradise

Ruined picnic site views

Skyline intrusion from river

View from lower Whale's Back


Please make the Hole in the Wall a Heritage site

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