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What has happened at Cebe Reserve. I hear that it has been trashed and abandoned. The ablution rondawels that were built in the 1930s and the little "office" have been vandalised. I hear too that a number of trees have cut down and carted away by locals. What is it with our "government" that they cannot look after and manage state assets.
Another sin and disgrace.


I also wonder. I'd love to take a trip down there and see for myself sometime. Does anyone perhaps have any updated information? Specifically about the "Wild Coast Explorer Club" scams *cough* I mean plans! ;)

I think they might have met their end since BRayDinning's appeal was turned down. (

If the story is true what has happened to the money put into development of the camping site? Will there be an investigation or will it be swept under the carpet like all the other cases? Somebody is smiling.

Don't hold your breath CONFUSED.
Hopefully there is a news-hound who might take the story and run with it. My personal disappointment is that all the place needed was decent management. It did not need to be developed into any of the other style holiday resorts. There are enough of them around for those who don't want to rough it a little. Dr. Ian Player has said that mankind needs a place to rediscover his soul. To me, Cebe was one of those places. Leave it a wild. After all it is the Wild Coast.
It is way past time that when some swarmy bastard comes along with a BS story of how he will the salvation of all the woes of the locals, [ as the Americans say, " Blowing smoke up everyone's a@#es,"] the State has a good hard look at what is intended. It seems as though as soon as talk of large sums of money, what little integrity and common sense is available just turns into chalk.
In the days of Matanzima, there was strict control. Okay, it was a pain in the butt to have to traipse all the way to Umtata in order to obtain a camping permit, but the place was neat and tidy, if you needed to, there was firewood to purchase, the ablutions were rudimentary, but sufficient. After a week or so, or even a weekend, one could return to one's daily grind with a spring in ones step and a new zest for life.

We are doing a trip to that region in July. We love this part of the Wild Coast. Any suggestions of where we could camp between Qolora Mouth-Jacaranda Wreck-Cebe? I would really appreciate any advise. We are three eco-friendly families that would love to spend some time in this region but not in a hotel/lodge.

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