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Catching up. . .

Interesting day. Meeting Paul and Sarah Colvin by chance at the river - with their cyclers - as they were on their way through from Kei Mouth to Port St Johns. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. What a cool job!

And then meeting Ron from eKhayaICT. . . Good to meet you Ron.

Finding a 554 Delivery Status Notification with regard to a message to Sean - that bounced because of his ISP's over zealous spam scoring - in my spam box on gmail.

Then spending about 2 hours on the phone with Mark - while cooking dinner - and finally getting the pictures of the devastating vandalism at the solar / wind farm near Hluleka.

There are so many issues out here... it's difficult to know which ones to take a stand on. Where to spend the energy (so to speak). I'm not saying much just yet; but here's a picture which paints about a thousand words.

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