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Bulungula Homestay

Village Based Accomodation

Nqileni is home to a vibrant rural community where times have sometimes been tough; migrant labour has taken its toll on family structure and health service & education have been difficult to access. But in spite of these challenges, the typical scene at sunset is children singing beautiful harmonies as they walk up the hills together on their way home,

Mama’s laughing together as they collect water from nearby springs while men and boys effortlessly herd their cattle home to their kraals. The Xhosa traditions are strongly adhered to and are respected by Traditionalists and the Religious alike. Email Reservations to: 

  • nkuliatbulungulaincubator [dot] org
  • samuelatbulungulaincubator [dot] org

More info at For information about the Bulungula Incubator, log on to

Unlike visiting a cultural village, where guests are offered an insight into a culture through fake, rehearsed performances, a homestay allows a guest to experience traditional village life in an authentic way. The person who’ll appreciate this experience is someone who is interested in enjoying the simplicity and slowness of village life and who does not expect a multitude of traditional dances/events to miraculously occur all at once for their benefit. There are often ceremonies in the village (about once every 2 weeks) which are fun to join and experience, but they are not scheduled in advance and it is not possible to plan your visit to coincide with one. They happen when they happen, and you can join it with everyone else and will be welcomed as a special guest.

Delicious meals are also available; but needs to be arranged as early in the day as possible.

A visit to a shebeen can be fun. Umqombothi (Xhosa beer that is brewed over 5 days to a week) is mostly brewed for traditional ceremonies.

Beautiful Lush Forest & Gently Flowing Streams Check Out The Local Wildlife

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