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What is going on at Cebe Nature Reserve? No one seems to be able to give a straight answer. It is apparent that someone intends some serious building there. There is talk of an hotel, privately owned holiday homes, so on and so on. There are semi complete strutures on the appex of primary dune. Who did an E I A for that and then who gave the authority to go ahead? Apparently some 700 hectares goes along with the deal. I smell a dirty big rat here and the possibility of a great big holiday destination going up here.

I smell a dirty big rat here and they have started feasting.

One of the saddest things that has arisen is the fact that I have twice sent phtographs and an explaination to WESSA and to date, I have heard nothing from them. The plot sickens???

is headed up by Brian Dinning who was recently fined $722,000 in punitive damages by a Norfolk jury for his fraudulent dealings involving the illegal sale of a portion of land in Hole in the Wall. You can read the story here: Note the dates and how the modus operandi bears a striking resemblance to the Cebe 'development' and Wild Coast Explorer Club's claims - whereas all they have is a couple of expired R.O.D.'s (Mdumbi, Hole in the Wall) and fevered imaginings.

Check his/their blog and how a non-commital communication from the department is *con*strued by him as a working partnership agreement.

Sad really. Either he's just really, really stupid; or he thinks all South Africans are.

FYI I use Google Alerts to monitor any posting on the worldwide web with the words "Brian Dinning." He's now operating as Ray Dinning so I may have missed some of his preposterous posing; but you can see exactly what I mean by the implied philanthropism of his other links on the blog: 5 second pose with a wild animal = "Ray Dinning saving Cheetahs in South Africa." *lol*

I don't think we need worry much about Mr. Dinning. He's certain to be hoisted by his own petard.

Pam Golding are surely going to burn for their involvement with him, too.

Bit worrying about what's apparently already happened at Cebe, though.

On page 16 of the Daily Dispatch, Friday May 20th is a notice of a meeting to be held on June 8th 2011 at Gqunqe Village at Chief Kona's Place. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a proposed Resort Node which would include accomodation, shopping complex and a cultural area.
The plot thickens. A nasty twist. Most people do not know the name Gqunqe, nor do they associate it with Cebe.
So folk like Jeff who might think that it is over, oh no, these buggers have not let go.
Now even the Mnquma Local Muncipality and the Dept of Rural Development and Land Reform are involved.

I hereby wish to know whether how far is the Resort Node at Gqunqe Village plan and when is construction will take place.

I am also interested in opening a shopping business as well.

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