Accommodation along the Wild Coast ranges from camping to rustic to traditional to exclusive; with something to suit everyone's taste and budget.

Beneath the "Accommodation" menu you can click on links to individual destinations currently listed on this Wild Coast site. (If you are a resort operator, kindly register for free and upload your information, photos and, if applicable, links to your website.)

This "Accommodation" page is a list of all the venues added to this site, in reverse chronological order, so it's last come first served.

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Strange Mdumbi Backpacker is not on this list.

Thanks for the feedback. Registered Users can add their entries by logging in and creating content. On the menu go to [create content][Web Page]. By selecting the appropriate town/place . . . in your case Umdumbi... your entry is automatically filed in the Mdumbi menu item under Accommodation.

Select [Story] if you are submitting any other information. For example environmental news, fishing reports, etc. There is an instruction page at Eventually I will create a "smart" registration form that requests and subsequently displays the information and photos submitted at the time the user registers.

Please note that registration and use of the site is, and always will be, free of charge... in the aim and hope of creating an open tourism promotion and environmental awareness platform. User contribution is vital.

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Coram Deo & 4 Winds' not listed under 'Accommodation', ' Coffee Bay' but only shows under Coffee Shack?Is 'Post' the same as 'Save'

HI, would like to find out about December 2010. I am trying to organise a family reunion, there are about 20 of us, please could you let me know how many chalets there are? IF there is availability for December 2010? and what the rates are?




Hi - I'm really struggling to find a cool spot as far north as possible - close to the infamous waterfalls and hiking trails of the pondoland area. All i seem to keep ending up with is either port st johns (too built up for us) or mbyoti (too resortish). is it possible to find a cool backpackers or s/c cottages up in this area?

No contact details for White Clay Resort Coffee Bay??

If you search on the website for White Clay, it comes up with the White Clay Challenge where the contact details are listed as:

Roy or Karen at White Clay on 047-575 0008 or 083-979 4499.

But you're right, June, I will get around to adding a page for them. It is a lovely restaurant and resort, and well worth a visit.

Hello dear Friends,

i plan a Hiking Tour from Port Elizabeth to Port Edward.

My Problem is, why is it not possible to have a Accommodation List who i can Print?

Excuse my plain English, but i am German.


Hi Horst,

You should get a copy of Slingsby's map of the Wild Coast (which has most accommodation listed, too), and a copy of Coast to Coast for a list of backpackers on your route.

See: for details. And you can pick up a free copy of Coast to Coast at any backpackers in SA.

I am zh pensioner about to drive up to Natal thru Transkei in my little old chariot.
I AM looking for reasonably priced rondavel or even a camp spot, not in Port St Johns.

My young grandson mightcaccompany me.

I would like to .ge able to have easy access to a beach, eat fresh fish, oysters, mussels and perhaps cray!

Please could you recommend such a place to me?

I don't mind secluded ad I'm not looking for luxury.

I would be so grateful for any suggestions and/or recommendations.

Kind regards

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