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A week in Paradise

George Beveridge and Cyril Edmonds from Port Shepstone spent a great week at Hole in the Wall relaxing and fishing .
We stayed at Hole in the wall Hotel and used my QVC points to book a 8 sleeper self catering cottage .

Many a day was spent just watching the view and fishing early mornings off the numerous fishing spots .

Chad catches were plenty and Crayfish breakfast was great .
We visited the numerous pubs in the area . Great places to visit . Ocean View Hotel , Coffee Bay Hotel , White Clay and Raptors view . Not forgetting the many games of Pool played at the Hole In The Wall Hotel Pub . I think I am still the champ for the week .

To Jeff Brown thanks for the lekker braais and great hospitality .



Planning a 4 week trip to Wild Coast in December 2009, part camping, part self catering accommodation.
Three young kids who loves the beach. Anyone with any tips, please let me know where to stay, fish, camp etc...

Hi, I would highly recomend you look up Delene and Spud who own Raptors view. They provide really good self catering accommodation and by Decmeber they are planning on providing camping area's. The bar and restuarant are very reasonably priced and raptors view is well located for access to both beaches and loads of good fishing spots in the area. Spud has lived and worked in Kie for 30 years and knows the area inside out so will be able to give knowledgable advice on were to get your lines wet and hopefully tight all holiday.

if you can get in and have the means - Umngazi river mouth is awesome. We didn't stay there but it is amagnificant place.....

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