Cher-a-Don Mkulu Kei Horse Trails

Cher-a-Don Mkulu Kei Horse Trails is an award winning, owner-run horse trail company established in 1998.
We offer guided horse trekking vacations on well trained horses for all riding abilities, catering from small to large groups, offering short day rides as well as multi-day trekking along the Wild Coast.
Beginners to advanced riders of all ages are welcome. Beach rides are approximately 2 hours, leaving at 9:30am and 2:30pm every day. Booking is essential. Our overnight Wild Coast horse trails into the Transkei, range from 2 to 12 days, hopping from hotel to hotel along the pristine coast line.

We also offer volunteer/ career break/ gap year opportunities for anyone who would like to take part in a working holiday.
A warm welcome and an unforgettable equestrian experience await all visitors to Mkulu Kei Horse Trails.
See you in the saddle soon! Website:

Xhosa Words & Phrasebook

Xhosa Phrasebook

You can download this handy printable 9-page Xhosa phrasebook here:

The booklet contains the following hints on pronunciation, commonly used phrases, and useful English to Xhosa word translations:

Also see the NEW: Xhosa Live Dictionary  Best online Xhosa - English dictionary. Translates individual words from/to English or Xhosa.

Pronunciation guide




like a in hard


like e in red


like ee in seen


like a in all


like oo in moon


d, f, h, j, l, m, n

Pronounced as in English

s, sh, v, w, y, z

Pronounced as in English


Similar in sound to hl (see below)


always like g in go


Place your tongue to the side of your mouth and expel the air (like Welsh ll sound)


A hissing sound made by placing your tongue just above your teeth and ejecting air.


similar to dge in judge


similar to dge in judge


pronounced like "ch" in Reich

Common diphthongs



Place your tongue at the back of the teeth and suck in, like when expressing annoyance.


Place your tongue on the roof of the mouth and suck in, like imitating a clock's ticking.


Place your tongue on your upper right jaw and pull it down, as if urging on a horse.

Port St Johns to Coffee Bay Backpacker Hike

The 60km stretch of Wild Coast from Port St Johns to Coffee Bay is well suited to the more budget-conscious traveller looking for an authentic Wild Coast Experience. On this 5 day hiking trail you can chose between friendly village-based homestays, chilled-out backpackers, or a combination of both.

You'll pass some impressive natural phenomenans, along the undulating terrain through which this hike traverses.

From the fascinating Table Mountain sandstone cliffs of Port St Johns; to the arched bays of Mpande and Mdumbi (voted one of SA's top three beaches and surfing hotspot); the impressive dolerite intrusion at Brazen Head and the fabled landmark, Hole in the Wall, where the roar of ocean through this hollowed cliff, has earnt the Xhosa name “esiKhaleni”( place of sound).

From the lush coastal forests of Silaka to the peppered hills of Hluleka, the PSJ to Coffee Bay walking trail navigates rocky seashores, mangrove-clad estuaries, across sandy bay and through evergreen forests.

Our Standard 5 Day PSJ - Coffee Bay Hike Itinerary is:

Day 1 : Arrive in PSJ (86km from Mtata).
Overnight: at a friendly Backpacker, B&B or Lodge

Day 2: Hike 3rd Beach PSJ– Mngazana Estuary. 5hrs walk. Overnight: Village-based homestay with dinner, bed & breakfast included OR Private Holiday Cottage (self-catered)

Day 3:Hike Mngazana - Mpande. 4hrs walk.
Overnight: Backpacker or Private Holiday Cottage (avail & no's dependent)

Day 4: Hike Mpande - Hluleka. 6hrs walk.
Overnight: Hluleka Nature Reserve (self-catered) or village-based homestay (DBB)

Day 5: Hike Hlukela - Mdumbi. 6hrs walk.
Overnight: Mdumbi Backpackers or Village Homestay (DBB)

Day 6: Hike Mdumbi-Coffee Bay. 4hrs walk.
Overnight: Treat yourself to a stay in the Ocean View hotel or drum the night away at Bomvu or Coffee Shack backpackers.

Day 7 :After a hearty breakfast & walk up sugar-loaf hill, a shuttle will pick you up to return you to back to PSJ where your vehicles await. Bon Voyage

For more information about this hike, contact:

Sarah Drew (Active Escapes)

  • Tel: 084 2407277 or 033 2344367
  • Email:
  • Website:

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