Map of the Wild Coast

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We are travelling to SA in september,we are wondering if we need 4x4 vehicle to explore the wild coast or will a high clearance vehicle be suitable 

No you don't need a 4x4. Virtually any vehicle will get you most places you need to go. . .  High clearance will be great.

Hi We have one week to hike the wild coast. We have already hiked the Port SJ to Coffee Bay stretch so we are considering either hiking from Port SJ to Port Edward or from Kei mouth to Port SJ. Can anyone recommend either of these routes or give us any advice? Thanks Louise

Hi i grew up along the Transkei coast and its very unpredctable the Roads are mainly dirt roads and if it rains its easy to get stuck. If you are exploring you can find yourself in the middle of nowhere its called the Wild coast anything is possible. But the people are friendly and its unspoilt paradise. iv been all over the world and this is truly the best place. Try stick to the upper side around hole in the Wall, its amazing there to explore and hike and its very safe. Sep is raining season, i suggest 4x4.

For a 5 day hike the best option would either be from Port St Johns to Port Edward, or from Kei Mouth to Coffee Bay. Drifters do a guided hike the other way, from Port Edward to PSJ. Please check out for more info. (I've just updated it, so please do check out the options.)

Does anyone know how many days it would take to hike from Kei Mouth to Coffee Bay - we are experinced fit hikers. Also are there safe areas we can camp on the way or cottages or backpackers along the way to stay in? thanks Louise

Basically it's a 5 day hike. I don't really know the whole region that well, but if you plan it out carefully you should hit a resort or backpackers every night. I'm thinking, like Kei to Wavecrest, Wavecrest to Kob Inn, Kob Inn to Dwesa Nature Reserve, Dwesa to Bulungula, Bulungula to Hole in the Wall, or straight on to Coffee Bay, It's only 2 hours hike from HitW. You'll probably want to take an extra day out at Mpame. Between Bulungula and the Hole. It's a good stop over. Otherwise it's a steep 6 hour hike. 8 Hours to Coffee Bay. Not too sure, but I think most of the above places have camping sites. Get a map, though. : ) Let me know how the schedule actually works out. Am at Hole in the Wall. Tel. 074 101 5170. -Jeff

hi i have been twice to the wild coast in 2007 and again twice in 2008. they have improved the tarred road from the N2 "hiway" to coffee bay. i went to coffee bay and hole in the wall an mdumbi. i used a normal toyota corolla no worries. just make sure your spare wheel is in good condition. however there were many little spots we could not go in our car. i would say a 4x2 with high clearance is just fine. a 4x4 will help you, but not much more than a high clearance 4x2. just watch out for muddy sand roads if it is raining that's all.

can you do kie to coffe bay in three days ?

great map thanks a lot

Am travelling to the area for 10 days after the school hoildays are over. Looking at staying at Dwesa and Bosbokstrand. Any recomendations for somewhere close to Hole in The Wall. I have an Isuzu 4x4 and Afrispoor Overland trailer. Appreciate feedback.

Have just returned from a week at a cottage about 500 metres west of Seagulls Hotel. Was informed that the road beyond Seagulls to the cottage was not a "proclaimed road" and therefor I needed a permit to reach the cottage. As there are apparantly numerous of these unproclaimed roads along the coast, all of which require permits to use, where can one obtain maps that show the diffs. There were certainly no signs where we went and the road looked no differant (were lucky not to get a R1,500 fine for being ignorant of the law.)If every place visited requires a differant permit it makes touring the area unattractive and potentially very expensive. The permits are I believe free but the fines from the Green Scorpions are hefty.

I want to know what the distance is between coffee bay and kei mouth and how long it will take by vehicle

has anyone stayed at Drifters

Is there anywhere to camp in or around Presley's Bay?

planning a trip start at wavecrest work the way up to coffee bay need to sleep over any ideas first time wave crest , dwesa, mazeppa, the haven,hole in the wall ,coffee bay,need feed back on this what do you think? thx

Yes you do require a permit when riding on non proclaimed road when using a vehicle, quad or motor bike. (Each driver making use of these vehicles requires a permit, free of charge). The permits are obtained form the Department of Environmental Affairs e-mail address

I'm planning to take a trip to Coffe Bay in early June and was wondering if I could take my Kitesurfing gear with me to do Kitesurfing while there.Are there any safe beaches which are safe for swimming and don't descend too deep and too fast from the shore,basically I'm looking for a shallow beach with waves that are not too big.Flat surface will be ideal.I also wanted to know whether the beaches around the Wild Coast are generally safe for swimming and would like to know if there is a high shark attack rate? Any information on the above matter will be greatly appreciated thank you.

Hi Oli, the main beach in Coffee Bay is perfect for kitesurfing. There's also a nice long beach (Kelly Beach) at nearby Hole in the Wall, and I've often seen kitesurfers there. The waters are very safe for swimming, generally, and as far as I know there is a practically zero shark attack rate around most of the Wild Coast. Only notable exception is 2'nd Beach in PSJ, which had an almost perfect safety record until about 3 or 4 years ago. Nobody knows for sure what changed there, but rumors are that there's a piggery / slaughterhouse up the Umzimvubu River.

I've been reading up about surf and kitesurf in the Eatern cape as I am visiting this xmas with all my gear..... very excited, the set up for both looks amazing. I am not entirely convinced about the jist of the following website but it does contain interest statistics on shark attacks on the Eastern and Western Capes. It appears I cannot post links.... type south_africa_shark_attack_file into google... it is within a stop shark cage diving website Jeff, "Practically zero shark attack rate around most the Wild coast" sounds slightly wooly though admitted getting bitten is extremely improbable... guess having to share the sea with these fascinating creatures is the price you pay for uncrowded waves.

We are planning a trip all down the Wild Coast in December. I'm a bit worried about the roads and in which condition it is. Could anyone assist? We are wanting to stay over in the Coffee Bay area and then travel to the Garden Route. Any good and safe places for Camping would greatly be appreciated.

The only affordable accomodation available now for december is in Coffee Bay. How nice is the beach for young children. What is the sea like for swimming with young children?

If you can still get a booking for December I suggest you grab it. Coffee Bay has a great beach with lots of safe pools and shallows in the river estuary.

I read your question on the above mentioned route, and the answer from Jeff. Could you give me some tips? Could you do it in 5 days? Were there camping places along the way? Do you have to organize somewhere for a permit of some sort to hike along that coast? Thank you! I would appreciate it very much!!

Drifters was awsome, fully equiped and has gas for cooking and hotwater and solar power and neat tent capms, Most of the drifters camps on the wild coast are very nice and a mind blowing experience.

We did Mazeppa Bay to Coffee bay in 5 days


We went paddle skee fishing in Decemebr 2010 @ Msikaba, If you can get to where the reef ends i promise you, You will run out of bait to catch fish with and will have to start chopping up your catch!!! Rock n surf not bad but you have to try varities of bait and loores. Booooya, happy FISHING!!!!

Thanks for your reply to my post on Kitesurfing at Coffee Bay.I did go to Coffee Bay and ended up leaving all my Kitesurfing gear at home because of too much talk about sharks in the water by my uncles who have been to Mazeppa Bay last time.They went to Mazeppa Bay,not to Coffee Bay I must note and caught a few sharks,so they warned me not to try Kitesurfing at Coffee Bay.I got to Coffee Bay and was very dissapointed I left my gear at home.The beaches at Coffee Bay are great for Kitesurfing and the wind is perfect on the long open sandy beaches.There are a few Sand Sharks in the shallows but thy're harmless and also if you're Kitesurfing out of Sardine Run season you have nothing to worry about.The beaches at Coffee Bay are generally safe.Remember to take a wetsuit as the water is a little cold.

Can anyone tell me the current condition of the road to Hluleka? Could a sedan (with reasonably high ground clearance) manage it?

Go to Bulls Inn ( mpame beach) the owners are cameron and mari ann, Great great place.... and Fishing there is amazing and i speak out of experience. and hole in the wall is prob 10-15km's from there. if even less or if even a little more. but really great place. been there 3 times. going my 4th this year dec.

Hi I am going to coffee bay transkie and cannot find any info on fresh bait in the area and can one get mullet in the rivers. If anyone has some info please help Thanks.

I've been going to the Wild Coast since i could walk. im 25 now. we used to swim as deep as possible to try get close to the dolphins on 2nd beach at port st johns and in all the years there were never shark attacks or even sightings... although they used to catch sharks off a place called "The Gap" right next to second beach. But i think since 2009 or around there until the current day there have been some Fatal attacks on 2nd beach at port st johns. think its about 8 or 9 fatal attacks so personally i wouldnt kite surf there anymore.

The hotels and shops usually have sardines and squid, and it's possible to buy red-bait and octopus from the locals. (You need a permit, though.) And yes, there are usually mullet in the rivers.

Does anyone know where I can get a detailed hiking map of the trail between Port Edward and Port St Johns from (one that shows the huts and distances? Thanks Bruce

I need some assistance in regards with snorkeling spots around coffe bay. Can anyone help me? Thanks

We are wanting to do a trip from Port Edward to East London in December. We are hoping to find accomodation along the route as we go. Does anyone know if this might be a problem in December. I don't know how popular this route is?

We are thinking of taking a rubber duck from, say, Morgan Bay along the Wild Coast and back for a total of 4 nights, hopefully when the sard run is on. The idea is to stay at the hotels along the way or possibly camp. Is it feasible and can one bring the duck in at the hotels?

I rilly nid help I tried using de net bt I'm not winning with sum of de quesns dat are nided 2 answer.ok I wena no wen does de rain take place,cultural sensitivity,means of transport and alternative routes dat cn b taken 2get there if de main road is closed?plz help plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hi, we are a family travelling to the wild coast in August (2 adults and 2 children, 6 years old and 2 years old), we would like to spend 4 days in the wild coast, we love African villages and natura, also we can do some trekking (no more tan 2 hours). I would like you to recomend me where to stay and what we can do nearby in 3-4 days. Best regards Fernando

 Hi Fernando,

(Early August is best; when the aloes are in bloom, and the weather is balmy.)

Depends what you're looking for accommodation-wise, though. Self catering, a cottage, 5 star, etc... You can drop me a line at and I'll advise further.

We are doing a motor bike trip from Port St Johns to East London. I see that one needs a permit to travel on certain roads. I also see that the posts relating to the permits are quite old. Is it still the case. Where can I obtain and how long does it take? Also will one permit cover the entire area that we will be covering?

What is the best map to use to indicate the lesser travelled routes?

Hi, I am planning to hike between Coffee Bay and Kei Mouth. Which direction is best, going south from Coffee Bay or going north from Kei Mouth? I am thinking about prevailing wind and about minimizing the time you walk against the sun.....any suggestions? Thanks a lot, Andrea

Hi Andrea I would suggest walking from Coffee Bay as: 1. You will be walking in the mornings and the sun will be mainly behind you. 2. The organised walking trips are in that direction and they should have got it right. I think the wind is mainly from the East so this will also help. Regards Chris

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