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    Wavecrest has delightful, comfortable and functional, island style bungalows which make you feel that life at Wavecrest is all about coming home barefoot from the beach. The relaxed atmosphere here is attributed to the stunning views of the sea and estuary, complimented by the manicured lawns and blooming gardens. All the family suites and double rooms have en-suites with piping hot water on tap.

    Wavecrest is an idyllic setting. The confluence of two rivers, uniting to form a pristine estuary with islands, wetlands and the most Southerly manifestation of Mangroves on the planet. Huge sand dunes separate magnificent indigenous forests from endless stretches of unspoilt beaches.

    Wavecrest Hotel has a strong environmental ethic and has focused its facilities and activities to assist guests to fully appreciate the resources without destroying them.

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    I have many wonderful childhood memories of holidays at Nxaxo Mouth when we stayed as a family at the Wavecrest Hotel. I rmember harrowing trips from Centani down to the coast in wet weather when the roads were almost impassable. Then during one memorable holiday I caught my first (and only, I hasten to add!) fish from a boat in the lagoon, a spotted grunter. The hotel kitchen staff kindly cooked it up for me for supper that night and I felt like a king! Wonderful place and thanks for exciting the memories again! Love and peace Tony

    2010/02/22 IF YOU have followed this column for the past 25 years, you probably know by now that this Chiel has a very soft spot for the Transkei Wild Coast and the rest of the family does too. In fact we’ve also introduced many other friends and families to this delightful part of our province in holidays over the years, and they too have become hooked, returning again and again. Last week we took our “extending” family to Wavecrest – junior came along as well. At only 3½ months he won’t remember much but it’s a start! We had a super time. It was our umpteenth visit and the staff welcomed and pampered us like old friends. I took a boat and engine to fish the river, and tackle for the sea. Like just about all rivers in the Eastern Cape, the estuary that forms the confluence of the Nxaxo and smaller Nxusi rivers is sanded up and like all others awaits a good flood to wash out. That didn’t stop us fishing the rivers, mind you, although one needs to wait for the tide to push in to cross the sandbanks. We didn’t have any luck though. The sea was another story. I went onto the boulders near the river mouth and bingo! The fish weren’t big but I had lots of fun catching 14 keepable ones on the two mornings I went there. Hotel proprietor Conrad Winterbach is a conscientious environmentalist and guests are urged to keep only what they can eat that day. I’m all for it and we had two bluefish up to 2kg and a blacktail for supper on two nights. The rest we put back to grow bigger! The fish we ate were superbly filleted and cooked by chef Patrick January – fresh, moist and tasty as only fish that have never seen the inside of a refrigerator can be. We also shared a magnificent crab curry with East Londoner Brennan Sam and his extended family – the men did the catching, the womenfolk prepared the spicy meal using ingredients available. Yummy! When it comes to fishing there, no-one knows more about conditions and what’s biting than magistrate Barry Nel who lives at the hotel and commutes daily to hear cases in Centane, returning late afternoon for a bit of angling if the tide is right. He’s a mine of information when it comes to when, where and how. But Wavecrest is more than a fishing mecca. There’s horse riding, canoeing, tennis, squash, even a spa now to relax in what must be a godsend for tired hikers who do the Wild Coast Meander and stay overnight. There are boat rides, lovely walks in the coastal forest that now appears to have been saved from the greed of big companies wanting to mine titanium in the dunes, birding, or one can just chill out in the hotel pool and jacuzzi and enjoy the splendid outlook across the beach and up the mangrove lined river. We took advantage of current very generous pensioners’ rates. Yes, Wavecrest is still my favourite Wild Coast hotel. Chiel today is Robin Ross-Thompson. E-mail robinrt@dispatch.co.za http://www.dispatch.co.za/article.aspx?id=382284

    I recently visited Wavecrest after a break of 8 years. All I can say is WOW!!! The change of ownership is like a breath of fresh air. Well done Gloria for investing back into the hotel. As guests we were treated professionally and well looked after , far more than I can say for our visit under the previous owner. WOW WOW WOW We'll see you soon Wavecrest

    Could you provide me with the following information: 1. availability of two bedroom self-catering bungalow for three adults for three nights in October (probably 10 -13 October) 2. what are the daily rates for such bungalow? Information is appreciated.

    Just want to say I'm proud of the hotel more especiaaly that it is my home hotel. I'm from eLwandle village and am saying keep it up guyz, love you a lot. Kind Regards, PS Mentani

    When I was about 15 my two younger sisters (Di and Les)spent every Christmas at Wavecrest (My mom and dad's special place). We have such amazing memories of our holidays that we have planned to return (I am now 63 - and my sisters are slightly younger)again in January 2014. Di is flying from Toronto, my other sister lives in Malmesbury and I live in Jo'burg. So we're all getting together to have a bit of reminiscing - and just enjoy ourselves for about a week. Take me anywhere overseas, but local is still the best.

    Please advise type of accommodation and cost for 4 adults arriving 9 August and leaving 11 August i.e. 2 nights

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